Race Preview: 2019 Hopworks Urban Brewery 5K (Vancouver)

“Patricipants walk, jog, or run approximately 3.1 miles, then drink beer!”

That one line almost sums up the Oregon Brewery Running Series. But the essential detail you need to know is that these events take place throughout the year, utilizing different breweries in the Portland Metro Area. So you’re not walking, jogging, or running to a Pabst at the end. That finish line means earning a craft brew.

At the Hopworks Urban Brewery 5K this February in Vancouver, the finishers’ party includes live music, food, raffle prizes, and a swag item along with that beer. Participants need to bring an ID for the beer, but you do not have to be 21 to participate in the race.

Matt ran this last year and had this to say:

The course was actually pretty great. You could technically run the entire race without setting foot on a street – and even those spots when you could run in the street, I never saw a car in those spots the entire time. The start and finish line was just west of the brewery, and a tiny little “U” spaced things out a little bit and put runners on some sidewalks on Mill Plain Blvd. Shortly thereafter (though not before a few complaints of “I’m tired”… within 90 seconds of starting), we hit SE Tech Center Drive for a pretty flat jaunt. In fact, though the race course looked confusing for someone not familiar with the location, it was a cinch – with long straight stretches and helpful volunteers at any area requiring a turn.

With just about a mile to go, we left the streets and hit a paved path that took us alongside Columbia Valley Elementary School and the Columbia Tech Center Park – a large open expanse with an awesome play structure that we vowed to come back to. We could see Hopworks in the distance, and we decided to pick up the pace for the last downhill to the finish.

In general, these events are a lot of fun and not a lot of complexity. With an 11am start, you will be done right in time for Happy Hour…somewhere. Packet pick-up is that morning, so be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. There is lots of available parking, but there will not be a bag check so dress wisely. And it’s an open-course so walkers, joggers, and runners will be on sidewalks and need to obey traffic laws.

Hopworks Urban Brewery 5K (Vancouver)
When: Saturday, February 23rd at 11am
Where: Hopworks Urban Brewery (17797 SE Mill Plain Blvd)
Register: Online
Packet Pick-Up: Race Morning
Cost: $30 (additional $10 for t-shirt)

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