Strava Segment & Running Meme of the Week: Bear Creek Park Southbound

This week we are heading to Medford to explore a nice segment there called Bear Creek Park Southbound. It’s 0.9 miles and, you guessed it, runs south on the trail through Bear Creek Park (on the Bear Creek Greenway).

There’s a little bit of elevation gain – just 20 feet – so it will feel pretty flat for most of the segment. It starts right alongside Siskiyou Boulevard and finishes up next to the Medford Dog Park. The fastest times so far are by Heather Johnson from December 2017 (5:54) and Thomas Tinsley from August 2015 (4:36).

The current course records are smokin’ fast, but when you run this segment for the first time you’ll earn a kudos for your fastest time on the segment! That’s one of the things I like about Strava, is that you get props for your personal effort and aren’t just compared to the speedsters of the world.

If you’re on Strava, make sure to join the Run Oregon Strava Club! Like the basic Strava platform, it’s free, and we’re almost to 300 members.

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