Ponytail wearers: Go Girl Designs have the bracelet for you

Ponytail holders have a life cycle. When they’re brand new, they work best, but they’re often too small to wear comfortably around your wrist. You end up with tingly fingers and an angry red dent around your wrist. This poses a challenge, since my morning routine is pretty much: shower, dress, eat, brush/floss, Vitamin D, Aleve (I’m a runner), watch, ponytail holder.

BigWheel-GoGirlDesigns-FullsizeEdit-019-_O5A1054The ponytail holder is a must. Midway through the day … midway through the morning, if we’re being honest, my hair goes up. So when they’re too small, I have to get creative. I usually end up winding them around my watch band, but that’s a pain. It’s like a hair tie needs to be used 20 times before it’s ready to be a wrist-tie, but then it’s only a matter of time before it starts to lose its elasticity.

That’s why I think the Go Girl Designs bracelets are pretty cool. They’re bangles with a channel for your ponytail holder. No more wrist-dents from a brand new pony! They have four different collections; three for a more refined look (the Busy Girl, Boho, and Ebony & Ivory collections) and one (Busy Kids) that’s full of color and fun. Each Go Girl bracelet comes with three hair ties with heart-shaped charms, but any hair tie will work with them.

They’re made by a mother-daughter team from Tennessee, and you can by a three pack for anywhere from $15 (for the bright-colored Busy Kids Bangles) to $70 (for the Busy Girl Bangles, which include one each of gold tone, rose gold, and silver). Check out their designs and shop online here.BigWheel-GoGirl-Selects-ColorCorrected-900px-010-_O5A8506

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