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Woolly Clothing Co. is from right up the road here in the PNW – a Seattle based company who was started by a few individuals who were fans of Merino wool, but weren’t to thrilled with the price tag that accompanied it. They “launched Woolly to prove that making affordable merino clothes was doable and now we want to make a fully merino life possible by replacing your most essential everyday cotton garments with better versions made from wool”.

Much like the creators of this brand, we are also fans of Merino clothing. It just has so many great qualities, from being super breathable and lightweight to moisture-wicking and odor resistance. We probably don’t need to delve too far into the details of Merino, but if you don’t have something in your running or non-running arsenal, we recommend you try it out. We recently checked out a few items from Woolly.


I have a variety of items in my closet that are constructed by Merino wool. If I can find one that fits well I prefer the feel of it against my skin. However, I have had challenges over the year with finding a good combination of fit and price. I tried out a few items – two tops a shirt and a hoodie, as well as a pair of boxer briefs.

The Ultralight Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee obviously possessed all the great Merino qualities. It is super lightweight – almost “barely there”. Additionally, the fit is fantastic. As someone who has a larger frame, I find that sometimes tops can be focused on the athletic construction. That means that a great feel can get overshadowed by a fit that leaves me feeling more constricted and vulnerable than I want (and usually ends with me relegating it to the closet for when I’m in better shape). This top has a next-to-skin fit, but is a bit more roomy with it’s modern cut, allowing it to fit considerably better. It can definitely be worn as a running shirt (which I managed to do when the early-Fall weather was in that ideal 67 degree and sunny), but it is a versatile piece of foundation wear that looks equally great just being out and about.

Everyday Weight Henley Hoodie

It is definitely hoodie weather nowadays, at least in my book. So the Everyday Weight Henley Hoodie is an awesome addition to the closet. It is a bit heavier than the Ultralight material in the shirt above, but still remains thin and versatile. With it’s straightforward design and color schemes, they can be used as a standalone piece or can be layered to wear under a jacket. It has come in quite well this Fall – holding up well to early season temperatures in the 70’s, as well as the more standard rainy weather. While I likely won’t be running in this, it is a great top that I foresee getting a lot of play on late-Spring hikes. It has no tags and flatlock themes, as well as that pocket on the belly (I just learned they are called Kangaroo pockets) that I really enjoy. The design is also with the modern fit – leaving a bit more room along the way. It’s a very comfortable and classy option for weather here in the PNW.

In addition to a wide array of apparel I have reviewed on Run Oregon, one of my quasi-obsessions is underwear. In fact, I have done quite a few posts on them. Woolly’s Ultralight Longdrop Boxer Brief. These are a long version – almost a full thigh coverage within the inseam, making them feel more like the length of a compression short rather than underwear. They have flatlock seams and no tag on the inside for increased comfort. It also has those great merino qualities that are MUCh appreciated in underwear (see odor resistant and moisture-wicking).

Even though Woolly may be on the lower side of merino pricing in stores, it’s not as inexpensive as some may desire it to be to forego cotton. The reason that my closet is a hodge-podge of materials is the fact that I have to be choosy on items in an effort to keep things within my clothing budget. I don’t think that a $50 tee shirt of $30 pair of boxers is waaaay out there (especially if they are quality and will last a long time), but those are definitely price points that may not allow some to dive all the way in. That being said, starting here with Woolly items will land you with solid items and get you on the road to a better closet.

All-in-all, I really liked all of these items. Their stuff is awesome for high-output activity, but it’s equally good for grabbing a drink at the brewpub with your pals after the run. Casual and relatable wins.


As the weather is getting cooler and wetter, I have a tendency to get cold easily. I have found wool to be a perfect material to keep me warm without having to be bulky. Like Matt, I have a few treasured pieces of wool active wear, and I was very excited to try out Woolly’s clothes.

The Women’s Cowl Neck Pullover has everything I look for in fall clothing: It is soft and warm, medium weight and athletic fit is perfect for layering, the thumb holes allow me to pull the sleeves over my hands as well, and the cowl neck acts like a scarf around my neck without the constricting feel of a turtle neck. The pullover has raglan sleeves, which look flattering and smooth on the shoulders. It is longer than many of my layering tops, keeping air drafts out of my mid-section. The handwarmer pockets are a great addition, both to keep your hands warm and to store small items on a run, hike, or whatever activity you’re doing. At $100 it is priced a little higher than similar cotton or fleece sweaters, but very competitive compared to other wool activewear companies geared towards women. At the moment the only available color is black (or charcoal in the hoodie).

While layering shirts over shirts and sweaters and jackets keeps my core warm, cold legs are another issue. Comfortable leggings that can fit underneath a pair of pants go a long ways towards cold weather comfort. Woolly’s women’s leggings fit comfortably without binding or sliding down, the wide waist band is flattering, and the flat lock seams prevent chafing. These leggings are great on their own for running or other sports, but I’ll also use them for snow sports and other cold outdoor activities this winter. The only thing they are missing is a pocket for phone or keys.


Company: Woolly Clothing Co. (Facebook)


More About Woolly:

Woolly Clothing Co was started by 3 Seattleites who loved wearing merino, hated the price tag, and wanted to do something about it.  We launched Woolly to prove that making affordable merino clothes was doable and now we want to make a fully merino life possible by replacing your most essential everyday cotton garments with better versions made from wool.

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Thank you to Woolly for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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