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As I look ahead to 2019, I’m trying to plan out my race calendar and fit everything together (plus keep going to that job that pays for all those races). Sometimes there is a gap where I just cannot find anything available that fits. This must be a problem for other runners too, because the Mothership 4x4x48 is a new running experience that is here to help.

Inspired by an ultra-running training method: participants complete 4 miles every 4 hours over the course of 48 hours.

Mothership is a combined race and weekend getaway for a group of two to four individuals who want to spend a lot of time running and wandering Portland, Oregon. Registration includes three nights at the Mothership Motel (a home in SE Portland), a tour guide who takes care of course maps and transportation, and an adventure worthy of social media bragging rights.

Oregon Adventure Running, the minds behind this adventure, have a schedule online so you can see what your experience would be like:

Thursday 12 Noon – Check in any time after. Make yourself at home run out to grab some supplies or some eats.
Thursday 4PM – Pre-race meeting to discuss logistics, safety, questions and concerns
Thursday 6PM – Run #1
Thursday 10PM – Run #2
Friday 2AM – Run #3
Friday 6AM – Run #4
Friday 7:30AM – Breakfast Served
Friday 10AM – Run #5
Friday 2PM – Run #6
Friday 6PM – Run #7
Friday 10PM – Run #8
Saturday 2AM – Run #9
Saturday 6AM – Run #10
Saturday 7:30AM – Breakfast Served
Saturday 10AM Run #11
Saturday 2PM – #12 Final Run
Saturday Evening – It’s over, time to go out to eat and/or drink. Or time to sleep, or some combination.
Sunday Morning – Check out by 12 Noon

Seriously?!? Wow.

The registration page includes available weekends, and interested athletes are encouraged to contact the team about questions and scheduling.

Mothership 4x4x48 (Portland)
Where: The Mothership Motel (Foster-Powell Neighborhood; more details upon registration)
Register: Online
Cost: $2000

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