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At Run Oregon, we primarily write about running. However, we believe that a person should strive to have a holistic health profile and not limit themselves. Aromatherapy has historically just been something to stick my nose up at (pun definitely intended), but recently I have found that there may actually be something to it. As a result, I have started putting some lavender scents on my pillow before bed, and my work cube seems less stuffy and dismal with a tiny bit of calming fragrance added to the air. When I am home, I spend the most amount of time in my bedroom (for sleeping) and office (for blogging), so I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite candles I have recently come across.

Old Factory Candles is a US based company that makes their candles with natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils. I was recently asked to select a collection to try. I wanted scents that reminded me of running when I’m cooped up inside. While I enjoy running on roads (and the majority of my miles are there), there is just something about the way that a trail run in the mountains can really calm a soul. The Lumberjack Collection offers scents of sandalwood, mahogany, and pine that can be burned individually or even all at once for an all encompassing experience. I did this recently and the complementary scents really brought some life into my home. It made me wish I was out running instead of writing!

There are no toxins that shed off of the candle due to the soy wax, and as I have mentioned before, their aromatherapeutic qualities are calming and can reduce anxiety, as well as being used to treat insomnia. Though there are larger 11 ounce options (which should burn up to 75 hours), the collection packs offer three 4-ounce candles which should burn about 25 hours a piece – not too shabby!

There are so many other scent options available, for seemingly any and all preferences. While I focused on a “man-centric” version (though I think any trail runner, hiker, or camper will appreciate), Old Factory isn’t limiting itself to just those. There are options that include romantic scents, holiday aromas, and even culinary food and drink smells. There is something for everyone and every situation.

Company: Old Factory Candles (Facebook)


  • Lumberjack Collection ($29 on Amazon)
    • Many other stylings can be found on their Amazon store, including:
      • Dad’s Lodge: Teakwood, Leather, Wood Smoke
      • Manly Mixers: Spiced Rum, Absinthe, Aged Bourbon
      • Rugged Outdoorsman: Balsam Fir, Campfire, Fresh Cut Grass
      • Old Time Barber Shop: Shaving Cream, Talc, Aftershave
      • Elder Statesman: Tobacco, Pepperwood, Smoking Jacket
      • Man Cave: Straight Razor, Leather, and Mahogany

More about Old Factory Candles:

Start burning our Old Factory candles today. Our lusciously scented candles are made from natural soy wax and hand-poured in the USA. Each one is made with premium fragrance oils and a self-trimming cotton candle wick.

Thank you to Old Factory Candles for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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