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Race Preview: 2018 Lark Run Bend and DRT 11 (Bend)

If you love trail running, then Lark Running’s Lark Run Bend and DRT 11 sounds worth checking out. These are two separate races in Bend, each offering something different over an early October weekend, and all centered around the LOGE Entrada. (I hadn’t heard about this before, but definitely take a look at the website; it looks like pretty cool lodging like you’d see in a national park.)

The Lark Run Bend is a three-day event, with a trail run on each morning. The race route is a surprise(!), but the website states that total distance for all three days will be around 30 miles. Transportation to and from the LOGE will be provided. The DRT 11 is an 11 mile river trail run from Benham Falls to Bend along the Deschutes River. It’s an overall net elevation loss, so there’ll be a nice speed boost!

If you do the Lark Run Bend, you’ll be there for three days. What is there to do besides the morning trail runs? Here’s what Lark Running has to say:

Think of exploring three trails over the weekend, add in amazing food, extra activities like yoga or stand-up-paddle-boarding (SUP), happy hour, music and movies, plus you get to stay at the newly renovated LOGE Entrada in the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon. Did we mention there are a few craft breweries here too? Oh yeah, and after three action packed days you’re going to sleep like a baby.

This is a cupless race – bring your own water bottle(s)!

Lark Run Bend and DTR 11

When: October 5-7, 2018 (Lark Run is Oct. 5 at 1 pm; Oct. 6 at 9 am; Oct. 7 at 8 am; DRT 11 is Oct. 6 at 9 am)

Where: LOGE Entrada, 19221 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97702

Register: Online here (Lark Run Bend – $475; DTR 11 – $50) [Note: lodging at LOGE Entrada is NOT included; for lodging, book here]


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