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Race Recap: Grixsen Brewing 5k Fun Run by Oregon Brewery Running Series

It was promising to be a very warm day (with a forecasted high of 97*) on the day of Oregon Brewery Running Series fun run at Grixsen Brewing. Even though we arrived at the brewery just 15 minutes before the 11am start, we were still able to find street parking within two blocks. Check in was quick and efficient, we still have time to chat with vendors and to decorate our bibs, and we were soon asked to gather by the starting line. Acoustics weren’t the best, and we didn’t hear the start line announcements, but when we heard the starting horn, the group started running.

OBRS runs are all untimed, and the course is not closed, so we were running on sidewalks and obeying traffic signals. Volunteers were doing a great job pointing us in the right direction. The course took us through a neighborhood first, then we crossed the train tracks to the south (I heard train whistles but wasn’t stopped by the train) and ran on the sunny path along the rails for a while. After passing OMSI about 1.5 miles into the run, there were more trees and buildings offering some shade, and soon my GPS told me that I had covered 2 miles. The course turned south again, and before I knew it I ran past our car and turned towards the finish line.

Turning in my raffle ticket got me a beer token, a piece of swag (I chose a stainless water bottle), and a loaf of bread. Some of the vendors had brought snack samples, but there was no other post-race food available on the premises. (Grixsen is expanding their pub space and will soon have a kitchen as well!) We enjoyed our beers and stayed for the raffle drawing, then headed home soon after. Another well organized fun event!


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