Race Preview: 2018 Aurora Colony Days 5k – ONLY $20!

I like small town races. Aside from sometimes actually having a chance to win, small races seem to have an energy and committment to the event. When I ran the 2012 Aurora Colony Days 5k, as well as again in 2015, I just remember being content with the small-town hospitality and how seemingly the whole community was involved with either putting the race on or participating. This year’s race is coming up on Saturday, August 11th and Aurora is a nice and easy drive from most locations from Salem to Portland.

Here is a descriptor of the race course from my 2015 review (by the looks of things, the course hasn’t changed in the past 6 years).

There was a minor hill right at the start and near mile 1.25 (and again near mile 2.25 on the second loop), but the great majority of the race was flat and prime for PR’s. In fact, I ran my fastest 5k this year (and beat my 5k from Thursday eventing by almost 100 seconds). While some of this is due to my recently increased fitness, I attribute a lot was the course itself.

The course was very simple and straightforward, but was very clearly marked by chalk, signs, and volunteers in strategic positions. Even though I remembered the race from a few years back, when the race director described the course just prior to starting as “turn left and follow the chalk and signs”, I felt a little concerned. We have recently experienced a few signage and volunteer issues recently, and I hoped that it wouldn’t be an issue. And it definitely wasn’t. It would have been impossible to have gotten off course. Good work there!

The race is chip timed and a shirt is also included in registration.

After the race, definitely stick around and check out the antiques shops, museums, or any of the other things happening that weekend. Here are just a few:

Aurora Colony Days 5k

When: 730a on Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Where: Old Aurora Colony Museum (15018 2nd St · Aurora, OR)

Register: Online here; $20 includes race and shirt!

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