Race Recap: 2018 Hopworks Vancouver 5k (Oregon Brewery Running Series)

In the week leading up to the Oregon Brewery Running Series event at Hopworks Vancouver, we were greeted with cold temperatures, frozen roads, and snow. While I can appreciate and navigate these things in small doses, I’d prefer to have better weather – especially when running with children. Luckily, things took a positive turn weather-wise this past weekend and me and my 6-year-old tackled the course in dry and brisk (but not unmanageable) temperatures!

After my last OBS event with my 16 month old, I took my middle child for some daddy/daughter running and bonding. She has run a handful of 3k’s before, but she was feeling nervous for a full on 5k. However, after we got registered and received our bibs for decorating, her nerves had eased and she was ready to hit the streets.

The course was actually pretty great. You could technically run the entire race without setting foot on a street – and even those spots when you could run in the street, I never saw a car in those spots the entire time. The start and finish line was just west of the brewery, and a tiny little “U” spaced things out a little bit and put runners on some sidewalks on Mill Plain Blvd. Shortly thereafter (though not before a few complaints of “I’m tired”… within 90 seconds of starting), we hit SE Tech Center Drive for a pretty flat jaunt. In fact, though the race course looked confusing for someone not familiar with the location, it was a cinch – with long straight stretches and helpful volunteers at any area requiring a turn.

With just about a mile to go, we left the streets and hit a paved path that took us alongside Columbia Valley Elementary School and the Columbia Tech Center Park – a large open expanse with an awesome play structure that we vowed to come back to. We could see Hopworks in the distance, and we decided to pick up the pace for the last downhill to the finish. I was so proud of her at clocking in at under 33 minutes on my watch (though I did only get about 2.9 miles), and she was ready to refuel.

We grabbed a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches that were being made by the folks from Franz. #e stuck around a bit and grabbed our take-home swag (an awesome homemade wooden coaster and an OBS headband), as well as some vegan cookies and loaves of Franz Bread. One of the best things about running these races with kids is the fact that you get additional beer tokens – and I sampled a few pints of local Hopworks ales (V.I.P.A and Venn Diagram).

I am planning my next OBS race already and feel that, to complete the cycle, I need to run with my eldest daughter. And after listening to my middle’s experience at this event, my oldest is already chomping at the bit! While we won’t be available, you can (and should) still register for next weekend’s event at the Storm Breaker Brewing in Portland!

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