Race Preview: 2018 MadAss 25k and 50k (Madras)

If you like casual, small, and cold runs, check out the 2018 Madras MadAss events on January 27, 2018. They are low-key, non-timed, self-supported runs where everyone is just out for the adventure. It’s a really great time and a great way to explore central Oregon!

This 2018 event is the 13th anniversary Mad Ass and you can choose to run the 25k or a 50k. The loop east into the grasslands will be changed to keep runners on dirt longer. The out-n-back through Willow Creek Canyon to Lake Simtustus is the same as previous years.

You can run any portion of this course in any order you choose (and really, any distance), but the event asks that runners sign in with a plan so they can keep track of everyone.

Because it’s a FATSO-style event, there will be no aid stations or timing, so bring your own nutrition and also a pot-luck dish to share for the post-race feast!

There is no pre-registration, just a waiver to sign when you get there, and bring a donation (suggested: $20), which helps cover the cost of the event and any proceeds are donated to the Jack Watts Memorial Scholarship (under MADras Runners).

The race begins at 8:30 am (doors will open at 7:30 am and anyone who wants to start early is welcome to) from the Madras Physical Therapy Office | 785 SE McTaggart Rd Madras, OR 97741.


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