Run Oregon Winter Gift Guide: Kick cold toes this winter with the Helly Hansen Tundra CWB


I enjoy getting into the mountains a few times each winter, for some sledding or snowball fights. However, I am not a winter sportsman – I don’t ski, snowboard, or snowshoe (though I vow to do this soon). I honestly think that what keeps me from engaging more in mountain sports is a lack of good cold-weather gear. I’m sure the weather in the winter of 2016/2017 is still fresh on everyone’s mind. From freezing temperatures to an uncommon amount of snow that blanketed much of the city and state, it’s definitely hard to forget. That same thought rang true during “Snowmagedden” – it was obvious just how old and lacking my winter gear had become.


I think that the place to start when creating or updating a winter wardrobe has to be footwear. Even if you don’t have the best jackets or snow gear, it is possible to layer and bundle up to make things bearable. This is less of an option with what is going on your feet. While we haven’t yet been able to tackle the full brunt of winter yet, we have been wearing the Helly Hansen Tundra CWB, some of their newest cold-weather snowboots. We realize we need to continue to test these in more appropriate conditions (though we have taken to Mt. Hood once already), but wanted to get the information on these out there as you start to consider updates of your own leading into the winter.

Some specs:

  • Upper: snow proof, waterproof leather, seam sealed, water-repellent leather, warm felt lining, Helly Wear protection toe and heel cap
  • Midsole: protective vulcanized midsole, removable EVA comfort footbed, thermal metallic foil inside, HellyWear protection toe and heel cap
  • Outsole: Helly Grip rubber, Helly Wear rubber

From my first few wears in cold temperatures I will say that these seem like they will hold up to the challenge. They are super warm and fit snugly without being constricting. They are also super tall, meaning that it is unlikely any snow is going to sneak in. And considering they have the following going for them:

Snowproof, seam-sealed construction, with non-wicking textiles, and 600 grams worth of warm Primaloft insulation…

It’s no wonder that these have kept my feet warm. And just look at that grip – it looks like a snow tire! I’d say you could run with these things on ice if they weren’t so heavy. That’s probably not a good option, but I can’t wait to try these out during my next trip to the mountains.Untitled

If you are looking to upgrade your winter snowgear this year, check these out!

Company: Helly Hansen (Facebook)


  • Tundra CWB ($175) – Amazon
    • Available for both men and women
    • Jet Black & Blue Nights (Navy)

More about Helly Hansen: 

Helly Hansen provides high quality, protective technical gear for work survival and sport. We work and play in the harshest environments on the planet to learn what’s needed to create the best mountain riding gear possible. We combine athlete input with environmental research, design accordingly and the result is superior gear for riders on all sides of the mountain.

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.


Thank you to Helly Hansen for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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