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Who has the fastest runners? US state comparison with 6 million results

I think us Oregonians think of ourselves as lovers of all things outdoors – especially running. We have so many trails, routes, and a committment to the sport, that it’s hard to imagine there being faster runners out there. Jens Jakob Andersen, founder of, together with Ivanka Nikolova, Ph.D. in Math, have analyzed 6 million marathon results from 1996 to 2016 and come up with a full US state comparison. So how does Oregon stack up?

Read the original study here


  • Overall ranking – 9th place (4:29:01)
  • Women ranking – 13th place (4:45)
  • Men ranking – 4th place (4:12)


By average age group, Oregon ranks:

  • <20 years – 15th place (average finish time – 4:23:32)
  • 20-29 years – 6th place (average finish time – 4:17:39)
  • 30-39 years – 3rd place (average finish time – 4:15:37)
  • 40-49 years – 7th place (average finish time – 4:25:14)
  • 50-59 years – 15th place (average finish time – 4:40:36)
  • >60 years – 17th place (average finish time – 5:10:14
  • The average age of Oregon participants is 41.2
  • Oregon over 50-year olds (4:50:55) are faster than the under 30-year olds from Alaska (4:51:36) and Mississippi (4:58:11)
  • Oregon age distribution – <30 (20%), 30-49 (60%), >50% (20%)
  • Young to Elderly participants – rank 33, coefficient 1.05. This means that Oregon has almost equally many young as elderly participants


  • By number of participants Oregon ranks 33rd
  • Oregon has 44.8% women participants and 55.2% men
  • By number of participants as % of states population – ranks 42nd with 0.04% participation. That is 0.42% of the population participated in a race past year. Or 1 in 238
  • Oregon female participants numbers have declined by 7.87% in the last 17 years


  • By change in speed Oregon ranks 2nd and they have speeded up by 1.29% in the last 17 years. That is, Oregon has improved a lot!
  • By change in women time Oregon ranks 2nd and women have speeded up by 2.66%
  • By change in finish time for men Oregon ranks 2nd with 0.46% increase in speed
  • Oregon women (4:45:36) are faster than the men from Hawaii (4:55:03) and Mississippi (4:57:10)
  • Oregon women are 12.99% slower than Oregon men
  • By age group the ranking of the slowdown is as follows:
    • <30 – rank 2, speed up 1.17%
    • 30-49 – rank 1, speed up 0.63%
    • >50 – rank 2, speed up 2.57%.
Oregon is among the only 4 states that have actually improved the past 17 years.
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