Kickstarter of the Week: DragonSkyn

DragonSkyn: Water Bottle = Foam Roller! project video thumbnail

We should all use rollers a bit more, right? I mean, I know I should be loosening up my calves and hamstrings, but I just don’t do it enough. Some of reasons behind lacking in this department is due to being busy, but another significant reason is convenience. There are a bunch of rollers out there, big and small, but I feel I am always lugging around running gear and tools, and it doesn’t always cross my mind to add yet another thing to my bag and remember to use it.

A student at Illinois Wesleyan University is behind DragonSkyn, a new Kickstarter campaign to produce, in essence, a portable roller pad that actually slips over something that a lot of us lug around everywhere – a water bottle. Essentially, DragonSkyn will use the existing infrastructure of the bottles we already carry with us, and create an on-the-go roller option that is cool to look at, and has the benefits that any roller has as well.

I like it that it fits slim and can be tossed in any bag (even my laptop carrier and leather binder) for ease of use. This funding will allow DragonSkyn to more professionally produce their product and market to the masses. This is one product that may actually make me more likely to keep myself loose and soreness-free!

Product: DragonSkyn
Location: Denver, CO
Funding Status: ~$3,000 of $20,000
End Date: October 31, 2017
Pledge for: ~$20
Delivery Expectations: December 2017

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