What Run Oregon is Wearing: Farm to Feet socks

Jenny’s Impressions:

So I have this thing against wool anything. Whenever I was forced to wear it growing up, it was itchy, uncomfortable, horrible and I couldn’t wait until I could take it off. Even though I have heard that wool is the way to go for running socks, I’ve avoided them and have always chosen cotton. That might change, though, now that I have tried out the Farm to Feet socks!


I was given samples to try of the Roanoke Low in Blue Fog, Greensboro Low in Silver Heather, Raleigh Low in Teal, and the Damascus Lightweight 1/4 crew in Silver/White.

*Roanoke Low – I got these in both the size small and size medium. I’m an in between size at 6.5/7, so both pairs actually fit just fine. The Blue Fog color was cute too! I wore these socks during the day at work and on a 3 and 4 mile run.  During the day they felt great! Like, really great. They were super comfortable and I hardly felt like I was wearing socks at all.  For the runs, they still were comfortable, but I missed the padding that my normal socks provided. This would make sense since they are billed as Farm to Feet’s ultralightweight run socks.  They did keep my feet cooler than my normal socks do, so that was definitely a nice change.

*Greensboro Low – I wasn’t a fan of the color choice, but these socks proved themselves in being even more comfortable than the Roanoke, due to their full density cushioning and slight compression from the top of the sock through the arch. Again, I wore these during the day and my feet were super happy and comfortable. I ran with these on a 4 mile run and a 3 mile treadmill run and appreciated the cushioning they provided.  I’d definitely wear these on shorter runs!

*Raleigh Low – My favorite of the samples – I think I’m going to have to order a few pairs! I loved the teal color and these probably are the best socks I have ever worn. This is Farm to Feet’s most advanced running sock and you can definitely tell – with their 3D Active Knit Technology giving excellent ventilation, cushioning and still keeping it lightweight – these were so great to run in. I used them on a 6 mile run and 10 mile run and it was like a new experience running with them. My feet were kept cool and I had no blisters or any issues like I sometimes get on longer runs. I wore them to work after an 11 mile run and I think it really helped me get around better too!

*Damascus Lightweight – These socks are technically made for hiking but I didn’t have any hikes planned, so I wore them for some neighborhood walks and a 5 mile run.  These socks seemed warmer to me which was surprising since they are built with multiple ventilation channels. Walking around in them was fine, but running not so much and I got a blister on one of my big toes on the run I wore them on. I’ve had similar issues with hiking socks on hikes, so I’m not sure if it’s related or not. I did like the orange color though!

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Shelly’s Impressions:
*Roanoke Low – I love that Farm to Feet features their employees on the packaging of each pair of socks. The Roanoke Low is the official sock of the Blue Ridge Marathon. I put these socks to the test when I ran the Columbian River Triathlon last month. The Roanoke was super comfortable, it also combines the odor-fighting, sweat-wicking capabilities of 100% US-grown merino wool. They use friction-free nylon that prevents hotspots in problem areas, perfect for hot summer running.

*Blue Ridge Compression Sock – I was able to test these on a trail run in St. George Utah. These socks pay homage to the most difficult section of the most difficult road marathon in America – the Blue Ridge Parkway, so why not give them a go on a long, hot run through the desert. They were ultralight and friction-free to prevent blisters. I’m excited to wear them cross country skiing this winter. They are made with 100% American merino wool. The wool is moisture-wicking and has antimicrobial properties and the compression improves blood flow and reduces muscle vibration, making them ideal for sports and recovery.

*Raleigh Lightweight Sport Low – The Raleigh was my favorite sport sock. I love the color and low profile. The pattern is pretty as well. The Raleigh is breathable, soft and lightweight. They are also made with U.S. wool and are moisture wicking. They are a great sock for summer training runs and events.

*The Greensboro 1/4 Crew – The Greensboro 1/4 crew fits well. I wore them on a day hike while visiting Zion National Park. I don’t typically wear 1/4 crew, but they were soft, comfortable and quick drying. I like the fit for hiking and biking. The higher cut is designed to diminish friction at the Achilles’ tendon where we tend to get blisters and they worked well, after an entire day of hiking, my feet felt great.

Alexa’s Impressions:

I am super picky about running socks, to the point that I infamously ripped off my socks right before a 10K last year because they were bothering me and ended up bleeding through my shoes from my feet rubbing.  This was all to avoid the annoyance of socks.  I know wool socks are the way to go with running but I was apprehensive because I have the childhood idea that wool is sweaty and itchy.  I was excited to try Farm to Feet and see if the rumors of wool socks were true…and I have to tell you, I am sold!

*Raleigh Lightweight Sport Low – This is my favorite sock.  I love the subtle compression, soft fabric and low profile on the ankle.  I use this sock for all athletic adventures from running to boot camp classes.  The sock breathes extremely well and keeps my feet cool through the hot summer days.

*Roanoke Low –  No one likes sweaty feet and rubbing.  This sock is ideal for preventing both those problems.  The compression, fabric, and ventilation provides the perfect combination to stop sweaty feet and hot spots from forming.  This is key for my running endeavors and I am glad this sock can provide some relief from traditional running problems.  I also love that I can take them off at the end of a long run and they don’t smell like sweaty running socks.

*Damascus Lightweight – This sock is very well cushioned but not in an overwhelming and bulky way.   Made for hiking, this sock is great for lots of wear and tear.  I enjoyed the ventilation and didn’t have any rubbing issues like I traditionally do.  The socks are super comfy and great for everyday wear as well as outdoor adventures.

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Joe’s Impressions:

Unlike some of my fellow Run Oregon bloggers, I am not that picky about socks. Maybe all my years of running and racing have beaten my feet into a sense of resignation, or maybe finally learning to buy large enough shoes has helped keep blisters and raw spots at bay. But my main criteria for good running socks is that I don’t even notice I have them on. All that said, I really love the three kinds of Farm to Feet socks I got a chance to try. They are comfortable, breathable, seem to be well-made and durable, and they look nice, with a variety of textures, graphics, and colors.

The men’s Raleigh Lightweight Sport Lowcut in “Grey”.

*Damascus Lightweight Technical 1/4 Crew – Though designated as a hiking sock, with appropriate extra cushioning at strategic areas, I found the Damascus to be an excellent running sock, and I appreciated the option of a mid-height ankle (1/4 crew). The extra padding was comfortable yet unobtrusive. I also lucked out with the color, as “Dark Shadow” is apparently only available on the Farm to Feet website in full crew height.

*Raleigh Lightweight Sport Lowcut – This pair is made for running, and is thinner and lighter than the Damascus. Yet, similar to the Damascus, the Raleigh incorporates several different textures and slight variations in thickness at various areas to increase comfort, moisture wicking, and breathability. Again, I didn’t really notice much about these socks while running, which is the best kind of review. My pair are a subtle “Grey”, but the Farm to Feet logo on the front of the ankle is a nice touch.

*Roanoke Ultralight Sport 1/4 Crew – These are the thinnest, lightest, and simplest of my Farm to Feet test socks, yet despite the lack of frills they are extremely well-made, soft, and comfortable. The heel is nicely tailored to cup the foot, and the toe is roomy without bunching up. The only extra cushioning is around the ankle cuff, but the wicking and breathability of these socks kept my feet feeling good on the run. The “Silver Heather” (light and dark gray) color isn’t flashy, but suits the simplicity of the Roanoke well.

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More about Farm to Feet:

Farm to Feet is an independent American brand, owned by Nester Hosiery – the world’s most technologically advanced sock-producer. Employing more than 200 people in its Mount Airy, NC facility,  Nester Hosiery operates state-of-the-art knitting, finishing, and packaging equipment to make socks for the world’s toughest critics.

Farm to Feet is committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US Materials, US Manufacturing, and US Workers. Farm to Feet’s current line includes Hike, Multi-Sport, Hunt/Fish, Everyday, Snowsports, Tactical, and Equestrian socks. These collections include men’s and women’s styles in multiple colorways and heights. Farm to Feet socks retail between $15 and $30 per pair depending height and style.

Thank you to Farm to Feet for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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