Race Preview: 2017 Three Course Challenge (Warrenton)

High School runners take on the “difficult” course and its famous mud pit (Chinook Observer photo)

One of Oregon’s classic early season cross-country meets is coming up on Saturday, September 23rd. The 28th Annual Three Course Challenge gives runners the opportunity to run easy, moderate, or difficult courses, with the latter featuring a notorious mud pit. Traditionally a bonding experience and fun road trip for high school and middle school cross country teams, the event now welcomes the general public too, with an open race at 12:35p.

“If you ran the Three Course in high school you know you want to attack one of the courses again. Did you watch your children run wishing you could be part of the fun? Have you heard of the meet and thought ‘What a hoot, wish they had races like that when I was in high school’? Now you can. So lace ‘em up and come join the adventure.”

The races take place at Camp Rilea in Warrenton. Men and women will run together in the 5k open race, choosing between the “moderate” and “difficult” courses. Both courses include “grass, dirt, sand roads and trails”, and of course the famous mud pit. The top 10 males and females will earn medals in the finish chute. Special bragging rights will go to the medalists who opted for the “difficult” course!

What: The 28th Annual Three Course Challenge

When: Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Where: Camp Rilea, Warrenton, OR

What time: The Open 5K starts at 12:35p

Registration: Day of race registration only: $20. Look for the registration booth near the concession stand.

Downloadable forms with more information about the meet are available from the event’s home page.

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