Shoe Review: Brooks PureGrit 6 (Trail Running)


The PureGrit 6 is part of Brooks’ trail lineup, but I’ve been able to easily transition from trail, to road, to treadmill without 1) looking out of place or 2) feeling like I’m in the wrong shoe.

The tread was surprisingly aggressive, but well-spaced so road running was never awkward or uneven. My go-to trail shoe is incredibly lug-gy, but making the switch to the PureGrits and their 3D hex lugs has seemed fine to me (granted, we’ll see what the sloppy winter mud runs bring, but for summer trails, so far, so good).

I would place the PureGrits in the ‘minimalist’ category, with a 4mm drop and a “natural ride”. The BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning seemed to provide enough support so technical trails weren’t painful, while also allowing for flexibility, as did the Omega Flex Grooves in the sole. These shoes are quite light at just 7.8 oz (women’s size 8) and 9.6 oz (men’s size 9). The upper is a mesh / knit with a 3D Rubber Print for stretch, structure, and a precise fit. I will admit, this shoe “fit like a glove!” (My typical size was correct in the PureGrits as well).

The heel fit was the one feature that took me the longest to get used to. I admittedly use a shoe horn to get them on because the back is so cushioned and the exact fit of the rest of the shoe makes the shoe quite snug. Once they are on, the heel isn’t noticeable, but I was initially skeptical of its bulk (i.e. supportive and well-padded). I have no issues with slipping or discomfort, however.

The tongue is thin and gusseted and also features a garage for tucking in laces. I didn’t realize this until after a few runs (though I’ve never had a problem with the shoe laces becoming untied), but find it novel nonetheless.

The women’s version only comes in black with pink and teal accents and the men’s are black with fluoro yellow and blue accents. But if you’re using them right, they should be brown by the end of the day anyway!

**Disclaimer: I’ve worn these shoes ~45 miles with the longest activity being 8 miles. **

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