Race Recap: 2017 Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove

The Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove was by far my favorite triathlon of the summer. The course was very beautiful, from the swim in the clear lake to the fully shaded, flat and scenic bike course, finishing with a flat run with partial sun was perfect.

Upon arrival at the lake, my first thought was that there was no way this was a flat course with the beautiful mountains all around. The packet pickup and setup at transition were a breeze thanks to great planning and organization by the race directors and volunteers. The transition area had numbered slots for each athlete which kept everything organized and running smoothly.

The swim was very well marked which I always appreciate since I’m never sure how visibility will be with goggles and glare. The water was warm at about 73 degrees, so wet suits were optional. I chose to wear one, just in case, but it wasn’t necessary. Transition went well thanks to the organization and space. The ride was my favorite. The route reminded me of a ride through Bermuda while vacationing a few years back, with lots of shade and beautiful scenery. The weather was ideal and the course was flat and fast. The run was a quick out and back on a mostly paved road, there were a few short stretches of gravel.


The volunteers were wonderful, directing and cheering for the athletes. Volunteers are a favorite part of every event, always supportive and encouraging. At the finish there was plenty of delicious food and lots to drink. I was hungry, so I tried a little of everything, juicy oranges, bananas and bean burritos with sautéed vegetables that were so delicious. The finishers medals were nearly as beautiful as the views across the lake, the T-Shirt is an all time favorite and the awards were beautiful, as always! Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove is a race I would encourage everyone to try out or volunteer. The area is stunning and the event is very well run. It’s a fast, fun course, held at the perfect time in summer. I will definitely go back to compete or volunteer, year after year.

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