A Shiny New Pair of Sunglasses: My New Favorite Pair

My friend Jen D. agrees that these are great running glasses – she couldn’t believe how light they are!

I’m one of those people who can buy a pair of sunglasses and not lose them within two months. I was very happy with my previous pair of sunglasses, until one of the snap-in lenses broke and the company was no longer making those lenses. (I did have them for more than 10 years, but they were about $180, so …) Since that happened nearly 2 years ago, I’ve tried on countless pairs, and bought a few cheap pairs that only lasted a few runs before I get annoyed with how they slip, pinch, or fog up. I’ve worn my “regular” sunglasses to run and planned a run’s directions solely on the position of the sun. In other words, I was ready for a really good pair.

Enter the adidas Baboa sunglasses. They don’t really look like high-tech running sunglasses compared to the sleek wraparound styles, but the orange/red reflective lenses (more on those later) and frosted white frames definitely look cooler than most things I wear. But the best thing about them is that they don’t slide down when running, and I can wear them for hours without feeling even the slightest bit of pressure.

The nose grip on these glasses isn’t flush with the frames, but they’re so comfortable they feel like it. They’re made of a rubbery material (the fancy name for it is Traction Grip) that prevents the glasses from sliding down your nose when you sweat. The frames also have this material on the inside where they rest above the ear, and it doesn’t catch in your hair like some rubberized materials do.

They have a slim profile against the head, and don’t create pressure above the ears even when worn with a hat. I typically wear both sunglasses and a hat when running during the day – because you never know when it could start to rain – and I never have to adjust the frame outside of the hat or refit the hat to fit over the frame of the glasses.

One of the most high-tech features of these glasses are the lenses: the technology is called LST – light stabalizing technology. What it does is work to equalize the colors, giving you improved color perception and better contrast, essential for running along a road or trail that offers equal parts bright sun and deep shade. Since many of my favorite summer routes near my house weave from shaded park to shaded trail, this makes it easier for my eyes to adjust from one to the other. The adidas Baboa are compatible with prescription lenses, as well.

If you’re looking for a one-pair, wear-them-anywhere pair of sunglasses, check these out. They are sold at the adidas employee store, if you can get a pass; otherwise your best bet is to use the store locator. Specialty eyewear stores including Eye Health NW (in the Peterkourt complex in NW Portland) and Tigard Optometric Clinic carry them, as does Cross Crusade in the South Waterfront District.

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