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What Run Oregon is Drinking: New Nuun Performance

As science and nutritional needs for performance are better understood, Nuun will also evolve and develop even better products to help those active to keep doing what they love to do. Relatively new to the market, I had the chance to try:

Nuun teamed up with Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist Dr. Stacey Sims to create the perfect solution for endurance athletes to stay hydrated while under the physical stress of performing.

[P]erformance is a carbohydrate + electrolyte drink mix designed to be used during high intensity and/or prolonged endurance exercise. it contains a precise mix of non-gmo, vegan carbohydrates and highly bioavailable electrolytes to help deliver fluid as well as minimize gastric distress during endurance exercise. each 16 fl oz serving contains 15 grams of carbohydrates, and delivers over 600 mg of electrolytes from sodium, potassium (+chloride), magnesium, and calcium. each serving is flavored using real fruit juice powder, using an innovative technology to dry the juice while retaining the highest nutritional content.

Because taste is relative to the taster and hard to “review”, let me say that as a big fan of Nuun and their fizzy tablets, these two products offer a much more subtle flavor than the mentioned tablets.  This subtle flavor is perfect for avoiding a potential upset stomach when pushing yourself to do your very best while fueling with the “cleanest ingredients available” including certified non-gmo, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients.  Nuun prides itself on using the purest form of ingredients (like dried fruit powder) and avoiding additional fillers and artificial flavorings.  Unlike dropping a tablet and waiting for it to dissolve, these Performance products are a powder to stir in and mix up. The individual sachets were perfect to carry with me to refill and refuel my water while out on the go and the individual pouch was great to measure out what I needed and prep my water bottle before hitting the street.

Nuun Performance:

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