Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Perfect Bar and Field Trip Jerky

Perfect Bar

Granola bars can be hit or miss with their flavors, consistency, and ability to satisfy. My sample packet of Perfect Bars arrived in a refrigerated box, and the packets clearly stated that they would like to be kept in the fridge, since there are no chemical preservatives added to the food.

The first test of the bars came on the mountain when I handed each of my family members a bar before heading to the first ski lift. At 220 calories per bar they would be a great mid-day snack to avoid the pricey (and most likely less healthy) food at the lodge.

The reviews were overall very good! My husband said his Cranberry Crunch bar reminded him of cookie dough in the best possible way. The teenager praised the consistency as nice and soft, but not so soft and gooey that it keeps sticking to your teeth and top of your mouth. The pre-teen’s mood lifted immediately after eating his Maple Almond, and Almond Coconut taste reminded my of an Almond Joy candy. All this adds up to a Perfect Bar, since they are packed with good ingredients and nutrients, but taste great!

Company: Perfect Bar

Flavors tested: Maple Almond, Cranberry Crunch, Almond Coconut

Price: $24/box of eight bars

The Perfect Bar Story (from website): “It all started with our beloved dad, Dr Bud Keith. He was a health food guy before anyone said ‘health food.’ He knew that what we eat has a direct effect on how we feel, and worked to share his belief that whole foods are the best source of nutrition with anyone who’d listen. Dad was constantly tinkering with recipes, always discovering new ways to feed our king-size family a healthy meal while on the go. One day, he ground up a bunch of dried fruits and vegetables, mixed them with freshly ground, organic peanut butter and honey, took one bite, and declared, “it’s perfect!” And, from there, the recipe was born.”


Field Trip Jerky

These meat sticks and pouches of jerky also accompanied us on the ski slopes. The jerky bags open easily and have a resealable zipper to keep it from spilling if you don’t eat all in one sitting. At 70-90 calories per meat stick or jerky bag it is a great protein rich snack to keep you going. The meat stick flavors are great! Surprisingly, the original and maple BBQ flavors had a stronger cracked pepper spice than the cracked pepper flavor stick, but all of them were very good. Inside the plastic wrapper, the meat sticks are encased in a collagen casing, which I assume you can eat (which I did) but it also peels off rather easily if you prefer.

The jerky is thinly sliced, dry enough to no mold and seep, but still juicy enough to be delicious. It is cut into 1×1″ squares so that you don’t have to struggle to bite off a piece across the grain of the meat. The varying flavors are distinct and complement (without overpowering) the delicious meat flavor.

Field Trip Jerky is available for purchase on its own website, at several Portland area Target locations, and at Amazon.

Company: Field Trip Jerky

Flavors tested: Original Beef, Beef Teriyaki, Pork Maple BBQ, Turkey Cracked Pepper, Beef Sweet and Spicy Jerky. Beef Original, Pork Maple BBQ, Spicy Jalapeno, Cracked Pepper, Pepperoni Seasoned meat sticks.

Price: $6.50/2.2oz jerky
$39/24ct of 1oz meat sticks

The Field Trip Jerky Story: Owned and operated out of Brooklyn, NY, Field Trip saw the need for healthier protein-rich snacks that didn’t sacrifice quality and taste. Field Trip Jerky is a health lifestyle brand aimed at providing delicious and versatile snacks that complement a large variety of on-the-go consumers.


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