Run Oregon Bookshelf: Simple Rhythms, Poetry for Runners

Ray Charbonneau, a runner and writer, has come out with a book of poetry just for runners. Simple Rhythms, Poetry for Runners is a collection of poems that all runners can relate to.

The poems in this short book are a variety of styles including haiku, limerick, free verse, and traditional poetry. All of the poems have one thing in common – running. Some of the poems are light and amusing, while others embrace the struggles of running. The topics are varied from choosing a running shoe, to the reason for running, to running season (which is obviously year round,) and even a runner’s variation of Poe’s “The Raven.” Even if you don’t care for poetry, as a runner, you can appreciate and relate to the topics.

The book includes photos of everyday runners as well as drawings and paintings that go along with each poem. Similar to running, the book is true to its title in its overall simplicity. It is a quick read, but some of the poems will draw you back in and you’ll find yourself reading them again on another day. Sounds a lot like running, doesn’t it?

You can find Simple Rhythms and more books by Ray Charbonneau at Purchase the paperback of Simple Rhythms for $8.99 on, or the Kindle version for $2.99.

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