Race Preview: 2017 Car Wash 5k/ 10k coming to Oregon!


Roll up your windows and lock up your cars because you won’t be needing them for this fun 5k and 10k run. Instead of getting all sweaty while running and wanting to get your shower on immediately post-run, you won’t have to wait a second longer. Typically after your celebratory refueling, you have got to get into your car, drive home while wearing sweaty stinky clothes, and then throw said clothes in the washing machine – all BEFORE showering. With the Car Wash 5k and 10k, you don’t have to wait and go through all that, as you can just get your run and wash in at all at the same time.

Runners will start out getting sprayed with some beautiful clear water to get yourself wet, before tackling the soapy “octopus” brushes. This will be followed by two side spinning brushes to wipe away all that sweat, water, and soap from before – be careful they are fast. Next, you will be hit with several large blow dryers from above and to the side of you. Last but not least, several men and women will come out to each and everyone of you to dry off every last drop of sweat, water, and tears from how much joy you’ve had at this fun race.

Note that you have will have to go through several times to get significant mileage in,AND unfortunately you will have to pay for each time (price varies depending on location).

Other important information: This race offers post-race deodorant of many different varieties (the most popular scents are pine tree and new person smell).


Personal waxing is an optional purchase that can give your runner’s body a nice clean shine (note that this doesn’t really involve hair removal or pain – thank goodness).

Green friendly:
This will be a cupless event to avoid waste, and mostly because paper cups will crumble once they hit the first section of this course. Handhelds, waist packs, and best packs are acceptable, but not encouraged due to excess soap coming down. Nobody wants to drink soapy water.

There really aren’t any safety issues, but the race will not be held liable for the ingestion of soap.


Various locations across America

No scheduled race day, though can be attempted at your leisure. Not recommended during colder and wetter months.


Varies, but usually around $7-$10 (before add-ons). Inquire locally for price (and legality)

To Register:
Just show up, no mail in or online registration available.

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