RunHuman Youth Run Club Returns June through August 2017

Parents! Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids more exposure to running this summer?

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Last year, we interviewed Jessie Rubin, a former Duke runner who now lives in Portland. She is bringing back her Youth Run Club Summer Series program, a great way to introduce running to kids about to enter middle school and those getting ready for XC.

>The club is for ages 9-15 and stresses fun. All levels of youth runners are invited to this inclusive club that will train together twice a week at 90-minute sessions which will include warm-ups, technical drills, and body-weight strength exercises. Basically what I wish I had a coach to run through with me (but I’m a few years too old). I imagine myself at age 10, not extremely coordinated, and wondered if even I would have fun at this type of camp. “As long as kids come in with a positive attitude (and it’s totally okay to be nervous or apprehensive), any fitness level is fine,” Rubin assured me. “We will tailor their training to their needs.”

>Rubin’s Summer Series Program will also address the mental side of running and racing, covering goal setting, how to work with a mentor, and even presenting some other professional and post-collegiate runners as guest speakers. Young runners will also get a tailored training plan and access to Rubin via phone and email – in other words, a responsible, caring adult with a sense of humor who knows a lot about running that they want to listen to.

There are two options you can choose from. The first is the “Full Summer” option which covers 18 sessions over the 10 weeks running from Tuesday, June 20 through Tuesday, August 28. That option is $270 (for the entire term, not per month). The second option is the “Half Summer” in which participants select 9 sessions to attend (because some families go on vacation in the summer). That option is $180 for the entire term. If you want to do something between 9 an 18 of the sessions, Rubin is flexible, too – just get in touch with her.

The sessions are on Tuesday nights at 4:30p and Sunday mornings at 11a. The location is still being finalized, but it will likely be close-in SE Portland. We’ll post an update when we know the final details.

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