Staying at The Houses on Manzanita Beach

Run Oregon loves running – that’s no surprise. But we also love the Pacific Northwest and all that it has to offer. Running is a part of us, but it does not fully define us. In our “Make a Day of It” feature, we aim to showcase some great local non-running events and highlight where to run and how to make the most of your experience!

The next installment of this series is The Houses on Manzanita Beach!

The running:

This area of the coast are highlighted by three main cities: Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler. While races in Manzanita are few and far between, it’s location is a perfect midway point between two of the bigger North Oregon Coast cities of Seaside (22 miles) and Tillamook (26 miles). Here are some local races:

While there may not be a ton of races in the Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler areas, there is great beach running (and walking). With at least 7 miles of sandy beaches along the coast and hiking/running trails in Oswald West State Park, there is plenty of opportunity to get in some distance. Run Oregon’s resident hiking expert, Rachel, has some info for those looking for a hike as well:

The summit of Neahkhanie Mountain can be accessed by taking either the Short Sand South Trailhead, which is an 8 mile lollipop loop, or the North Neahkhanie Mountain Trailhead.

Once parked, you will cross the road to the start of the Oregon Coast Trail. The first section of the trail will consist of many sharp turning, elevation gaining switchbacks through meadows of salal. If you do this hike in the spring, these meadows are embellished with a variety of wildflowers including Coast Fawn Lilies, Candy Flower, Trailing Blackberry, and Columbia Windflower. As you climb the switchbacks, you are treated to views of the ocean and views of coastal cliffs at Devil’s Cauldron and Cape Falcon.

You will enter a forested area after reaching the top of the meadow and will shortly cross a small creek. The trail will then cross the north face of the mountain and continue to climb, leading you  to the south side of the northern summit and into a woodland of moss-covered spruce. You will soon drop down into a saddle before you begin the final climb to the south summit. There will be a small switchback before you’ll finally come to a steep and rocky path to the summit. At the summit, you will be treated to views of Neahkahnie Beach, Manzanita and the coast all the way to the Nehalem Bay Mouth. After taking in the breathtaking views, simply return the way you came.

Manzanita is also described as having the third most photographed scenery in the entire state!

Our Experience:

The Houses on Manzanita Beach has 4 different housing options:

Thanks to the owner, we were allowed a few nights at their Oceanside Cabin, a beautifully modern and updated dwelling that is perfect for families, running clubs, or relay teams. It is equipped with 2 queen beds and 6 bunks. It’s pretty hard to fully articulate how great this location is, but we will do our best without trying to gush too much.

First the location. There really isn’t much better of a spot in Manzanita. The house sits on Ocean Road – the most westward road in the city before the beach. The front patio is a great place for having a barbecue, reading, or just socializing while watching the waves roll in – and especially so as the sun sets. Even though we went in cold temperatures, no even mid-30 degrees could keep us from watching the sun set in the great beyond. It’s also a great location for running. I got in 5 miles on a combination of road and beach. I went north on Ocean and then followed Reed Road until it ended (a good road to get in some hill work). I returned back to the beach and was able to easily run on Manzanita Beach (it is 7 miles in length) for quite some time. It was breathtaking. If you go over the Independence Day weekend, the house will net you front row seating to the fireworks.

The inside of the house just went through a remodel and it is absolutely beautiful. The upstairs has a spacious kitchen (“european fixtures, stainless steel appliances including a super quiet Bosch dishwasher, Pratt & Larson tile and custom cabinetry from local craftsmen”) and living room area that lead to the patio. There is a beachrock fireplace (there is plenty of chopped wood for the fireplace under the covered garage), TV, and a few couches to hang out. There are also two bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms. The master bedroom includes a private bathroom and a private beachview deck. The main bathroom comes equipped with heated tile – a luxurious feature that I never thought I would ever personally be able to experience. Downstairs, via a spiral staircase, there is a room with the 3 bunk beds, as well as a sitting area with TV, a third bathroom, and a washer and dryer.

It’s really hard to do justice to the beauty of the remodeled inside, as well as the perfect beachfront location. I really feel it is an ideal location for a relay team overnight or family / team gathering. It is only a few blocks from Main Street Manzanita, which has all the amenities while still being supremely quiet and low-key – an ideal combination when looking to relax or unwind. The Houses on Manzanita Beach come HIGHLY recommended. You won’t regret it.

I’m Kim Bergstrom, and my husband Eric and I have built on my father’s childhood dream of owning a beachfront house on the Oregon Coast. His father worked for the railroad and learned about the majesty and beauty of the Coast through that experience. He in turn passed on his love of this part of Oregon to my father. After graduating from Pacific University in Forest Grove, my father finally found his own bit of heaven at the foot of Neah-kah-nie Mountain in the tiny North Coast community of Manzanita Oregon.

I grew up commuting back and forth on the Sunset Highway while they built their dream. We spent summers searching through Manzanita Oregon tide pools, jumping waves, building huge driftwood fort while climbing over swaths of rocks and huge logs, skinning my knees while learning to ride a bike, following my brothers and cousins into town to buy penny candy and comic books or an afternoon of bowling, hiking up Neah-kah-nie Mountain, and crowded around the Thanksgiving and Christmas table with family and friends.

In 1984, Eric may have made the biggest mistake in his life when visiting the beach for the first time he asked me “What’s there to do down here?” Two years later he had fixed up the house, put in the lawn during the late spring rain and married me in the new grass next to the beach on a sunny August day.

We now own three Manzanita Oregon oceanside houses. We purchased our family beach house from my father in 1996, and just like our decision many years ago to have our wedding next to the beach in what was an overgrown field, we continue to roll up our sleeves and jump in feet first.

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.

Many thanks to The Houses on Manzanita Beach for allowing us to check out their property! Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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