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What Run Oregon is Trying: Crated with Love Subscription Box

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Editor’s note: This post may not seem to be even remotely running related, but sometimes runners clean up and have date nights. If you just said, “What? No they don’t,” then you should read on.

My first Crated with Love subscription box.

My first Crated with Love subscription box.

Subscription boxes are getting to be quite popular, and often fill a consumer need with “stuff:” healthy food and easy recipes to help you eat better; stylish clothing tailored to your size and style to help you look better; or fun toys and treats to make your four-legged running buddy happy. But subscription boxes aren’t easy to create for the more personal things in your life, so I was interested in one I heard about recently called “Crated with Love.” This subscription box is could have been named “Date Night in a Box,” because that’s precisely what it is.

I can see two obvious benefits to this subscription box, which starts at $19.99/month (you can also get one-time crates). The first benefit is unique to those households in which one or both of the partners are in training, and you practically have to be forced to talk about something other than who gets the Saturday morning long run and who has to fit it on on Sunday. It gives you something else to talk about – something that you really should be talking about – “you,” as in, “you” plural. True story: one year, my husband and I both ran the Eugene Marathon. Two full months before the race, we made a pact that we would never both train for a marathon at the same time. And this was before we were even married – we just never got to hang out, and in our free time, we were both tired and still had to wash a load of tech clothes.

Forgive the poor lighting: All the goodies fit in this cute Crated with Love box, about 10 inches by 8 inches.

Forgive the poor lighting: All the goodies fit in this cute Crated with Love box, about 10 inches by 8 inches.

Second of all, it makes it super-easy to have a date night. I suggest you open it right away to steal out the recipe card without going through everything else, and hit the grocery store either to start off your night* or maybe ahead of time. Then, once your kids are successfully packed off to grandma’s house or their friend’s place for a sleepover, start cooking! Literally. Start with dinner, so you can relax a little bit while working together to create something yummy.

Next, open the crate and see what’s inside! Each crate comes with a theme, which they admit might be a little cheesy, but it’s also adorable. Crated with Love activities are fun, clever, and place importance on communication and expression. Our Crate was called “Movies and Metaphors,” and the activities took about three hours to go through. (Granted, one of them involved watching a movie we got to pick out, but we were watching the movie along with a game that related to the night’s theme.)

Crated with Love comes in a small red and white box that contains a mix of things: a recipe (that you cook and then enjoy together), some fun goodies (my first crate came with some modeling clay, miniature colored pencils that I had to hide from my daughter, and some cute little pencils and a notepad), and what I think is the most important item: interactive questions as part of a fun game or games. This last is what Crated with Love calls a “crate challenge,” and they’re designed to help you and your partner focus on each other and your relationship in a playful way.

The activities are about relationships, and even though it’s easy to inject romance into your Date Night, the activities aren’t built on physical content. These challenges include instructions and a quick activity; in our first crate there were four, and what was really interesting was that they encouraged me to think about the way my communication style influences what my husband hears when I talk.

So line up a sitter (or at the very least, clear your schedule) and get a Date Night on the calendar. Go ahead and order your Crated with Love box now – the items inside are non-perishable, and each box comes with a magnet calendar of that month so you can put a red circle around your special evening! Check out their website’s “coupon” page for special promotions, and place your order online for either a one-time Crate or a subscription.

*I realize that I just suggested starting off a date at the grocery store. I’ve been married for six years and we have two kids, so any time my husband I go anywhere sans kiddos, it’s a date. Last week, we went to a lawyer to draw up a living will. It was a date. Clearly we need this subscription box.

Use code “runoregon”, to save 10% on a subscription for life!


Thank you to Crated with Love for providing us with a test box. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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