Kickstarter of the Week: MojiHeat Roller

MojiHeat in action

It’s pretty common to see runners hand-in-hand with their rollers. It seems that there are so many on the p market righ now, from skinny rolling ones to larger foam ones with grooves, ridges, and bumps. Many runners swear by them and, though I still don’t use mine as religiously as I should, I do have one and when I think about it, it does a pretty darn good job.

Moji is no stranger to the rolling and self-massage game. Their webshop highlights a few longer handheld options, as well as some foot massagers and a small handheld on as well. Their current Kickstarter is moving over into the foam roller forum with a new twist – heat.

Among all of the rollers, foam rollers seem to be the onest that athletes flock to most. And, being an former-collegiate athlete, I have much knowledge about utilizing heat for recovery and pain relief. Combining the two seems to be the best of both worlds. The whole design is pretty simple – which is nice – simply twist the roller apart, stick both sides in the microwave and then twist back on. And the price is pretty unbeatable – heated or not!

Product: MojiHeat Roller
Company: Moji
Location: Lake Zurich, IL
Pledge Goal: $11,104 of $15,000 (as of 12.12.16) – Expires 1/6/17
Current Pledges: $42
Delivery Expectation: May 2017

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