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Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Chef’d (DISCOUNT CODE INCLUDED)

Use code WELCOMECHEF at checkout for provide $10 off your first order!

As you may know, Run Oregon is an all-volunteer blog. So, while we think we put out a really good product, all of our bloggers have other “real-life” jobs that keep the heat bills on and food on the table. As an administrator of Run Oregon, I spend a lot more time on the blog than my wife would probably like, but I find it valuable and worthwhile to keep things running as smoothly as I can. What all of that does for my free-time is pretty scarce. Toss in some running and I am pretty much swamped with 1) Work, 2) Running, 3) Family Time, and 4) Blogging. My wife owns a small business and works out of the home a few evenings per week. Why have I told you all of this? Mostly to express that something our family’s schedules don’t always allow is spending a lot of time sitting down and prepping dinners each night.

Over the past year or so, we have utilized some food delivery boxes a few weeks per month – just as an opportunity to try new things and ensure that we have the ingredients on hand, instead of trying to wrap 3 kids up and go to the store for an item or two to complete a recipe. While we have been mostly happy with the boxes we have tried, one limitation that many seem to have is the small amount of options each week. Most of the time, there is 5-6 different meal options per week and, while they are good, we are sometimes left handcuffed by what they are offering. While I understand the reasoning behind it (it’s a lot easier and inexpensive for companies to purchase a smaller array of bulk ingredients), it has led us to need to take a break from time to time given that lack of diversity.

When we stumbled upon Chef’d, we were floored by the difference.

Asian Lettuce Wraps (one of the entrees we tried). Our may not have looked as professional as this, but it tasted great!

Chef’d describes themselves as, not as a food delivery service, but a “meal store”. There are literally hundreds of meals to shop for, with recipes from such entities as Men’s Health, New York Times Cooking, or All Recipes (see all the partners here). There are a variety of different themes to shop for, such as “Family Friendly”, “Gourmet”, or “Quick and Easy”, as well as certain options available for those utilizing Weight Watchers, Atkins, or needing meals approved by American Diabetic Association. Obviously, there is a much more diverse array of food and far many more styles to select from instead of just a handful each month. It is also nice that there is an option to just order a single meal at a time (though free shipping doesn’t kick in until $40 spent).

The big, orange, and refrigerated Chef’d box arrived easily on our doorstep and the ingredients were carefully tucked in and labeled. We sampled 3 different meals and found that the portion size is pretty similar to what we receive with other food delivery services, and in line with what a real potion size is. If you are used to large dinners and leftovers, then a 2-person meal may not be in the cards for you. As far as taste goes, we were very pleased with our meals. Every palate is different, so we won’t go into major depth about the meals, but we can say that with the amount of recipes available, you can definitely find something you will enjoy.

This increase in diversity makes meals tiny bit more pricey than its counterparts. Each meal (for 2) runs somewhere between about $22 and $40, depending on the style, complexity, and sometimes the protein involved. However, if you have a need for larger portions or are feeding more people, each meal can be upgraded to 4-person and a discount is accommodated. For example, the Pasta with Ham and Pork Chorizo with Garlic Bread (recipe by Skinny Latina) meal runs $30 for 2 and $45 for a 4-person portion.

There is a section for holiday themed main dishes and sides (such as prime rib and ham or potato gratin and bacon-braised green beans), and they also recently introduced breakfast meals. If you aren’t sure what you want right now or you want to send this to a friend, family, or loved one, there are gift card options as well.

Use code WELCOMECHEF at checkout for provide $10 off your first order!

More about Chef’d:

Flipping through a magazine one day, our founder and CEO came across a truly mouth-watering recipe, and wondered, “Why can’t I literally press a button and have this gourmet meal shipped to my door?” A year later, Chef’d was born, designed as a meal kit company like no other, where the choice is truly in the hands of the consumer. With no subscriptions, the ability to re-order your favorites, and a selection of over 300 meals, Chef’d is changing the meal kit landscape one delicious meal at a time.

In addition to partnering with world-famous chefs, culinary influencers, and national brands, Chef’d is constantly developing our own portfolio of delicious dishes, from Ahi Poke to Grilled Baby Back Ribs and everything in between. Led by our Chief Culinary Officer, an award-winning chef with nearly 30 years experience in the food industry, our team has developed dozens of delicious, decadent meals that span the globe and feature seasonal ingredients at the peak of freshness. And they’re always in the kitchen, cooking up something new!

Don’t eat meat? Eating gluten-free? No problem! Chef’d has delicious meals for vegetarians and vegans, as well as many gluten-free options. We also give customers the ability to filter all meals by lifestyles including Family Friendly, Gourmet, Quick and Easy, and Lighter Options.

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.

Run Oregon occasionally receives items to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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