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Stocking Stuffer Idea: Field Trip jerky

I like cake and ice cream and pumpkin pie, but when it comes to snacks, I generally prefer them to be savory over sweet. Potato chips, popcorn, and, of course, beef jerky all score quite high on my personal taste test. The downside with jerky is that it often comes with nitrates and other worrisome preservatives. The guys at Field Trip were kind enough to send a sampler pack to me, consisting of one each of Turkey Cracked Pepper, Sweet & Spicy Beef, Original Beef, and Maple BBQ Pork in 2.2 oz packages. The packages are resealable, but considering that each one is only about 180-200 calories, I didn't really find any need to reseal, because there wasn't anything left over each time I opened one pack.

When I was kid, I would get Asian beef jerky once in a while from Chinatown, and what I remember about it is that, unlike most western jerky, it was softer, more moist, and generally flavored in ways beyond salty as heck.This is all a matter of personal preference, but because of my early childhood experiences, I’m indifferent to the tough, stringy kind of jerky. Therefore, it’s with delight that I report that the Field Trip jerky is on the softer and moister side of jerky. Not to the same extent as Asian jerky, but enough that it doesn’t force you to exercise your jaw muscles just to eat it. As for the taste, it’s bold but not overly salty. In short, this is good stuff!

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