Double Dog Dare U issues statement regarding Panda Burro Invitational and Pongo Fund

The following was received by Run Oregon from Pattric Langley this evening (December 8, 2016), and mailed to Panda Burro participants. It will also be posted to their facebook page at 8a on December 9, 2016. No edits or have been made by Run Oregon and the statement is posted below in full:

Updated Friday, Dec. 9 at 8:14a: Run Oregon has received confirmation from Pongo Fund that the donation has been delivered in full.

In response to the outstanding Panda Burro Invitational charitable donation to The Pongo Fund, the donation has been paid in full by a friend. Additionally all 16 Virtual Packet Registrants have been individually contacted and are being issued a registration refund in the amount of $35.

My not paying the $2,786 charitable donation on the timely basis was wrong. I was not being honest with myself and with others who trusted me. I did not keep business and personal funds separate and thus commingled and misappropriated business funds for personal use. I knew then as well as now what I did is wrong since money that comes into a business, such as from the Panda Burro Invitational, is meant to be used strictly for business purposes. And I did not treat it that way.

I was also wrong in not communicating with and ignoring Marilyn Tycer and the Pongo Fund when questioned regarding the untimely transfer of funds from Double Dog Dare U Events to The Pongo Fund.

I am sorry for my behavior and for the way I treated those who trusted me. I will act more appropriately in the future.

~Pattric Langley

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