Product review + Giveaway: NATHAN Fire Headlamp, Lightspur RX, and Mag Strobe Clip Light

Remember: November is National Runner Safety Month, and to “shine a light” on this designation, we’ve teamed up with NATHAN to give away five sweet items. In this post, you can get our thoughts on their three lighted visibility options which you can win (new ones, not the ones we’ve gotten all sweaty)! In order to win, just tweet a safety tip, tagging @runoregon and @nathansportsinc, using the hashtag #FireUpYourRun (and include the name of the item you’re interested in winning). Look at this post for more details; the giveaway “runs” through the end of the month!
UntitledThe Neutron Fire Headlamp ($34.99) comes in 5 different colors to keep your path lit up during the increasingly darker nights this winter. The construction is simple and lighterweight than many headlamps, while still putting out a pretty powerful light. There a variety of different light options – from steady through a variety of pulses) and usage time tops 30 hours and the added side strobe lights assist with further visibility. Toss in the weatherproof capabilities, and this may just be the go-to this winter.


The LightSpur RX ($29.99) is a very simple and relatively inexpensive way to stay visible this winter. In a nutshell, the LightSpur fits around the heel of your shoe and loosely attaches via small teeth on the inside of the device. It has three colors you can choose from, as well as a variety of light up or blinking options. The device is rechargable via USB and is said to have weather resistant qualities – something obviously necessary for shoes in the wet winters.

Runners should be able to get at least a few nights worth of running in (5 hours steady or 5 hours blinking) and I love that I can’t feel anything  when I am running – which is typically not the case with many visibility gear items.Untitled


The NATHAN Mag Strobe LED Clip Light is highly reflective and includes a blinking light.

Last but not least, the Mag Strobe LED Clip Light is part of the giveaway. This is a lightweight clip-on light that can be set to two different blink speeds or to shine steadily, and its battery can be replaced (so you don’t just throw it away when it dies). You can clip it anywhere, but my favorite place to clip it is on the back of my hat, where it won’t be covered up by my ponytail. If you had short hair, the perfect place for it is from the back of your shirt’s neckhole.

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