November is National Running Safety Month – so here’s a giveaway of NATHAN products

With Daylight Savings Time ending this weekend (fall back at 2a on Sunday), you may be in for a shock about how dark it is when you normally run. Or maybe you already get up before the rooster to log your miles. Either way, it’s vital that you stay safe when out for a run or walk. Half of that equation is to be able to see – headlamps, handheld lights, and simply choosing a well-lit route; but it’s also important to be seen by wearing reflective gear and blinking lights.

Another piece of the “staying safe” puzzle is keeping your essentials with you. A cell phone, a few dollars, and nutrition and hydration are important no matter when you run, because you never know what might happen. Want a few tips to get started? Check out these simple, but often forgotten, tips from

Well, Run Oregon and our friends at NATHAN are here to help. NATHAN is a brand that makes all sorts of visibility gear and a very popular line of water bottles for runners; I have a number of their products already. So it’s pretty cool that they’re sponsoring a giveaway on Run Oregon. They’ve given us a whole bundle of safety and running gear to share with some of our readers who simply tweet a safety tip out, tagging @runoregon and @nathansportsinc, using the hashtag #FireUpYourRun. You should also include the name of the item you’re vying for (and yes, you can enter for all of them by making a separate tweet for each one). I realize this may seem like it could get annoying, but your tweets might help your runner and non-runner friends be more aware of pedestrians at night and could change their behavior and keep them safer. Remember to follow Run Oregon and NATHAN on twitter to get more safety and running tips, too.

For example, you might tweet out:

“@runoregon @nathansportsinc – I stay safe by always running behind cars waiting at stop signs in case they don’t see me. Mag Strobe #FireUpYourRun” … and then you’d be entered into the drawing for the Mag Strobe. Check out all the NATHAN gear on their website here.

The goodies we’ll be giving away include one each of the following five NATHAN products:

  • Neutron Fire Headlamp – This lightweight and low profile headlamp features a powerful 115-lumen spotlight that cuts through darkness with the precision of a dagger. Their RGB Light™ technology increases overall visibility when used with the white LED spotlight.
  • LightSpur RX – Light up your run and make yourself seen! This is a USB-rechargeable LED shoe light that lets you choose between red, green, or blue.
  • Mag Strobe –  NATHAN’s lightest and most versatile LED running essential. Perfect for runners, walkers, cyclist and kids, this magnetized clip-on provides a high level of visibility without being an eye sore or weighing you down.
  • Hipster – The #1 product across all categories of running essentials, the Hipster can hold it all (and your keys, gels, ID, cash, lip balm, tissues, hair tie and sunglasses, too). This colorful line of sleek, stretchy training packs expand to fit much more than you think!
  • SpeedShot Plus Insulated –  This insulated handheld water bottle keeps 12 ounces of fluids colder, longer, and has a pocket for running essentials.

Here are the rules, since we gotta put some deadlines on this thing:

  1. Post your tweet between today (November 3, 2016) and the end of the month (November 30, 2016)
  2. Tweet a safety tip or reminder and tag @runoregon and @nathansportsinc
  3. You can tweet as many times as you want, but you’ll only be entered into the drawing for each product you mention one time
  4. Include the hashtag #FireUpYourRun

We’ll share the winners’ names in early December and ask you to email us your shipping address so you can get your goodies. You’ll have a week to respond with that address or we’ll pick the next winner.

Good luck and get tweeting about runner safety!

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