Runmoji: Emojis for runners (and those who love them)

This runmoji™ is perfect to warn your relay teammates of an especially disgusting exchange up ahead.

I’m so glad to say I’m not making this up, although I’m sure I’ll be accused of it by more than a few people.

Fleet Feet Sports has a new running-based Emoji app called “runmoji™” that comes with 28 different running-related emojis. You might wonder why a running goods store would do this; well, it makes sense if you consider Fleet Feet’s group runs, ladies nights, and other community activities and sponsorships. Plus, they’ve probably heard all the running lingo. They know how it feels to take a shower after a particularly chafing run or to finally say goodbye to that blackened toenail.

So we present to you the runmoji™ app, now available for iOS and coming in early 2017 for Android users. Want updates or have a suggestion to add to the collection? Just visit this page on the Fleet Feet Sports website and fill out a quick form. And then have fun!

Here’s a look at the other images … with more in development thanks in part to runner feedback!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love these! I use the runner girl emoji pretty much all day everyday…will be nice to switch it up every once in a while!

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