What Run Oregon is Wearing: Pistol Lake Minimalist Performance Hoodie

Company: Pistol Lake

We started Pistol Lake to create well-made shirts in Los Angeles.

We think a great shirt is a story about where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Go to a thrift store and you might find a vintage shirt from 30 years ago – when clothes were made to last. When shirts were an extension of you – tailored to your body from time and wear. We’re bringing this quality back.

Product: I received the Minimalist Performance Hoodie (pictured above), which is made from yarn based on recycled bottles and eucalyptus tree bark(!). I wouldn’t have known that it was made from such exotic materials if I hadn’t looked it up to write this review. It feels like the usual polyester/spandex blend that provides some degree of stretch and moisture wicking. Available sizes range from XS to M, and retail price is $115.

Impressions: I generally don’t wear hoodies much – at least, I didn’t before, but now with the weather turning cooler, I’ve been wearing this all the time – I love it! At first, it felt a little tight across the chest, making me wonder if you’re not supposed to wear a T-shirt or baselayer underneath the hoodie. After a few times wearing it, though, I got used to it. I found that the hoodie was warm enough to wear with a temperature range in the low 40s to upper 50s without needing any special baselayer underneath. I’ve worn it running a couple of times in overcast, mild weather like that and didn’t overheat. Comfort-wise, it’s a delight to wear. It’s got enough heft to it that it doesn’t feel ultra-soft, but it didn’t weigh me down when I went running, making it suitable for wearing about six months of the year. Note that the sizing appears accurate if you are on the thin side. I’m 5’10”, so average height for an American male, and thin, and I would say that the size M fits me perfectly.

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