Race Preview: 2016 Shellburg Falls Trail Run

By now, most runners have heard of (or ran in) the Silver Falls Marathon weekend races. Run Wild Adventures does a fantastic job with this race and great location. However, fewer people seem to be aware of their subsequent race on the calendar - the Shellburg Falls Trail Run, held less than a month from their most popular event. More people need to get this on their list!

Silver Falls Marathon and the Shellburg Falls Trail Run are located less than 12 miles apart, and if you look at a map, they are essentially just one big conglomeration of protected land. That means similar weather (though Shellburg has seen everything from rain to snow to clear skies in the times I have participated), elevation, scenery, and – oh yeah – running behind waterfalls. The 5.2 mile course is a challenge, but offers some amazing and unique trails that not too many can claim to have run. Here are some words from my last running:

Mile 2 is the “money” portion of the event – featuring yet another Run Wild Adventures race with a run behind a waterfall. Shellburg Falls is smaller than the giant ones [nearby], but it is breathtaking nonetheless. [The] scenery from the top is spectacular. Like crazy good. Like want to stop running for the day and just gaze over the Valley good. The next stretch along a narrow canopy-covered trail is a blast. The final few miles were along the snow-covered service road, with running made easier by following the pre-made tire tracks, and a long downhill stretch to the finish.

On top of all that, the race is only $25. It doesn’t include a shirt or a medal (for those who care), but does come with warm soup and beer afterwards, a piping hot fire, a great raffle, and a feeling of serious accomplishment. The race generally “sells out” each year, but with a field max of 250, you won’t be cramped for too long. You will, however, be sorry if you miss out on this event in your lifetime.

When: 9a on December 3, 2016
Where: Shellburg Falls
Register: Online here; $25 ($40 DOR)
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