Dress Like a Man with Fortis sneakers by Aureus

UntitledCompany: Aureus
Shoe:  Aureus Fortis

  • Silver
  • Navy Blue
  • Olive Green

Price: $90 (Also on Amazon)
Specs (from website): 

  • 100% Genuine Nubuck Leather Upper
  • Polyurethane (PU) Insole Cushion
  • AM-TECH® Sole Technology
  • Direct Injected Sole Construction
  • Elastic Shoelaces
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Anti-Slip Sole Properties


These are awesome shoes. Plain and simple. Style-wise, they are a great crossover pair and have allowed me to easily pair with both a casual pair of jeans, as well as with some work slacks as well (though obviously in a more business-casual setting). They are just super stylish looking and showcase classiness – from the leather construction down to the stitching.

UntitledMy favorite feature is the elastic laces. When I finally had to purchase “real” work shoes about 8 years ago, I vowed that the only business or casual shoes I would wear would be slip-on – I was done with laces! Obviously, I disregarded this decree a few times over the years, but I still fall on the side of preferring to go lace-less. The elastic laces provide a snug fit and make the shoes essentially slip on, while still showcasing that nice laced look. I didn’t anticipate liking it, but I couldn’t be more happy with those laces.

Obviously, it’s easy to see the style in the Foris’ (for an extremely reasonable price), but the real understated takeaway has the comfort that these provide. As expected, most dress and casual shoes, aren’t always the most comfortable. They look good, but that is sometimes where the focus stops. Some other reviews sate that the elastic laces became too tight on the padded tongue, but I did not have this issue at all. In fact, I almost felt that the shoes got more comfortable as time went on. I have also been careful not to expose these to the elements too much, but I hope that they clean up well as the weather takes a turn. I won’t be exposing them to rainstorms (I hope), but fingers crossed that they stay clean if so!

Overall, I think these are great for fashion-forward and active men. With runners, our feet are probably our most important asset, so we might as well keep them comfortable in all settings, right?! I’d wear running shoes all the time if I could, but these will do the trick during my work week.

Thank you to Aureus for sending us some sample items for testing. Our opinions are always independent and unbiased reviews of the products we receive.
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