Race Preview: 2016 Umpqua Strong 9K-5K / Run-Walk

There are a handful of standard race distances that most runners are familiar with: 5k, 8k, 10k, 15k, etc., along with the accompanying personal records that become increasingly difficult to achieve the more one races. But every once in awhile a race comes along that offers a unique distance that almost guarantees a new PR. One such event is the Umpqua Strong 9K on October 1st in Roseburg.

Although the distance is unique, this race really stands out as a chance for the Umpqua Valley community to come together in a positive way one year after the senseless gun violence that struck Umpqua Community College (UCC). The 9K distance symbolizes the nine victims, and kilometer splits will be recorded in lieu of mile markers. The flat, fast, and scenic course is mostly on bike paths, with stretches through parks and along the South Umpqua River. There’s even a 1.4k loop on Elk Island!

The scenic course crosses the South Umpqua River and includes a loop on Elk Island.

The event will be much more than just a 9k race. There is also a 5k run/walk and a kid’s run, and a chance for people from around the world to show support via a virtual run. A community concert will be held after the race, and food venders will provide refreshment. Proceeds will go toward UCC Student Scholarships in honor of the victims and the survivors.

Running is one of the best ways to bring a community together.

Runners form an incredibly supportive and friendly community, and the Umpqua Strong 9K is a perfectly symbolic occasion to bring the larger community together to commemorate the victims and survivors of the events of one year ago, while rallying and moving on.

What: Umpqua Strong 9K-5K / Run-Walk

When: Saturday, October 1st

Where: Stewart Park, Roseburg

What time: 10:00a

Registration: 9K and virtual runners – $38 through Sept. 20, $40 Sept. 21-30; 5K run/walk – $33 through Sept. 20, $35 Sept. 21-30; Kid’s Run – $15. Register online HERE.

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