WHEE! That’s the race name: Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events Trail 20k, 20-miler, 50k

Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events: WHEE. That's why there's a little piggy.

Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events: WHEE. That’s why there’s a little piggy.

Each male and female winner will receive this truly unique WHEE mug.

Each male and female winner will receive this truly unique WHEE mug.

Saturday, October 1, those interested in getting dirty and working up a sweat will be congregating near Oakridge, Oregon. The menu highlights a trail three distances on trail (20k, 20 miles, and 50k), all run primarily on the Middle Fork Willamette National Recreation Trail.

The photo to the right shows you the amazingly cute and yet somewhat troubling mug that is the prize for being the first male or female to finish their respective distances. All finishers will receive a cute WHEE ceramic Pig Finisher Medal. Now, if you aren’t impressed by the cute pig references, read on to see an amazing photo from the course photos on the race website …

Here are the details:

When: Saturday, October 1, 2016

What time: The 50k starts at 9a, the 20k starts at 10:00a, and the half marathon at 10:30a.

Where: The start/finish is near the Sacandaga Campground. Read the directions page carefully – and maybe take a screenshot of this page before you leave, in case you lose service – before heading out.

Register: Online here for the 50k for $75, the 20-miler for $45, and the 20k for $32.

This event runs its race like an ultra for all three distances. You’ll have supported aid stations, the ability to leave drop bags, and awesome volunteers. You should also expect the opposite of a cushy, pancake-flat run. There will be climbs, there will be mud, and there will (probably) be a few places where your shoes will get wet. (See previous note on drop bags and plan accordingly.) The course descriptions on the race website and the registration page provide excellent information if you want to know what to expect. Check out the course photos and photos from the 2015 race as well to get an idea of what you’ll see on course.

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