Updated details for this weekend’s 2016 Cosmo 7k in Vancouver

I think I know some of these ladies …

This Saturday, August 13, hundreds of smart, powerful, awesome runners will meet in Vancouver for the Cosmo 7k and celebrate each other with a unique run put on by locally-grown Energy Events. The Cosmo 7k was recently required to make a few changes to the event, about which they’ve sent an email to all participants, but we wanted to be extra-sure all our readers knew about these updates:

First of all, please note the start time has changed from 6p to 6:30p. It’s only a half-hour, but it should be cooler by 6:30p, so I can’t see anything wrong with this! It’s going to be extra-hot this weekend so the later start should help runners stay a little  more comfortable. 

Second of all, the Vancouver Waterfront development is far enough along that a few months ago Energy Events was able to confirm the venue for the start/finish location. This is a change from 2015, so be sure you head to the right place on Saturday. The address from the race website is listed as 100 Columbia St in Vancouver.

Finally, and this is just a technicality, but the post-run Cosmos will be provided by the race’s nonprofit partner, the Police Athletics League (PAL). As anyone who’s been a server knows, rules governing who can sell and serve alcohol are pretty strict and sometimes restrictive. In the state of Washington, Energy Events wasn’t able to include the $5 cost for the Cosmos with registration fees, so they’ve worked it out so that you still receive your Cosmos (as long as you’re 21 or older and have valid ID) after the race.

So, in summary, here are the details:

When: Saturday, August 13, 2016

What time: The run starts at 6:30p (pre-race briefing is at 6:15p)

Where: Vancouver’s Waterfront, 100 Columbia St. in Vancouver, Wash.

Register: Friday, August 12 at Packet Pick-up, which runs from 10a-6p at Sweet Spot Skirts, located at 105 W 6th St in Vancouver; or DOR for $75. Get more details here.

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