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The Los Angeles-made Madafo Collective shorts are not only super affordable and super cool looking (each pair has contrasting tropical fabrics in the pockets and under the cuffs), but only 80 of them were made. That means only 80 of the 7.4 billion people on the planet will get to own a pair. So if you want to be part of the 0.00000001081081%, head over to Madafo Collective now to get yourself some before they’re gone forever.



Specs (from website):

  • 100% Lycra Twill Cotton
  • Contrast accents in pockets and inside cuffs
  • One size fits most with elastic waistband and cord
  • 2 Colors
    • Seaflower and Afternoon Spring

Thanks to Madafo for allowing us to try out a pair.

UntitledLearning about Madafo has really be interesting and different from what I am used to when reading about companies. Madafo is a group of artists (photography and design) artists based in LA who have a vision for the future of art. Here’s a little description and link to their portfolio:

Art cements history. We are creative + production team that bridges audience to client. We design with authenticity and are here to start a conversation. Through engaging designs and creative strategy – we link the Artist, Brand, Company to your Audience. We’re a collective, a team, and most importantly a friend.

So to see a group of artists venture into semi-active shorts was kind of a shock. As far as I can tell, these shorts are actually the only apparel that Madafo makes – which is completely fine. But if you like them, you may want to get on it quickly as they claim to make no profit from this extremely limited run of shorts. They pay to produce and manufacture the shorts from the Fashion District in LA and sell them at an extremely modest rate for locally-sourced apparel. As can be seen above – the shorts are limited to less than 100 pairs!

The shorts aren’t really for running, but could probably be used in a pinch (though they are a little heavier for that). They are a fun and casual summer short for those of us men who aren’t afraid to show a little leg. I don’t know the inseam, but I know that it will require that my thighs spend some more time in the sun. The cuffs are tight around my thighs, so if yours on the bigger side, it may not be as comfortable. They have a quiet swishing sound when I walk around, but I am extremely pleased with the fit and construction.

I love the little subtle color to a classic black look. I find that these shorts are a great parallel to my own life – I’m pretty subdued and quiet, but underneath I have a little flair and style. In fact, listening to Jumanji by Azealia Banks (the musical inspiration for these shorts AND my new obsessive jam) really brings out the vibe behind these shorts. They really are something that many runners would find a seamless transition from summer run to summer relaxing.


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