Race Preview: Mt. Ashland Hill Climb 8/13/2016 (Ashland, Ore.)

Note: As of this writing, the event is close to selling out. This event may be completely sold out, however, Jessica believes in starting 2017 race calendars early, so you can always get excited about this event now, and make sure to keep an eye on it for 2017 registration! The event cap is 400 registrations. What makes the Mt. Ashland Hill Climb such a sought after event, is that it is an event with the second most elevation gain of any continuous hill climb in the continental US. Which one is first, you may ask? The famous Pikes Peak Ascent in Colorado. And for those that are familiar with the Mt. Washington Road Race in New Hampshire - Mt. Ashland Hill Climb beats it. Yep! This is an event you need to get on your bucket list! Do note, however, that as this event is extremely challenging, you need to be in excellent shape. 

The Mt. Ashland Hill Climb travels 13.3 miles, kicking off in Lithia Park, located in stunning downtown Ashland, Oregon. Throughout your journey, you’ll traverse tree-canopied dirt trails and roads, reaching the finish line at the summit of Mt. Ashland. The start is at 1,900 feet elevation – the finish at 7,533 feet elevation. When you reach the finish line, you will have traveled over a vertical mile high – more than 5,600 feet of climbing. Now that is something to brad about! Check out the detailed course description, but have a towel handy as you are likely to drool – it’s pretty awesome.

Additionally, the Mt. Ashland Hill Climb is a fundraising event for Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association, with all event proceeds going to this wonderful organization. As noted on the website, Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association is in the process of working on a Trails Master Plan for the Ashland watershed trails. This is important, worthwhile work that will benefit generations to come.

Entry fees are currently $40 as of July 1st. If sold out this year – make sure to watch it for 2017!

Date: Saturday, August 13, 2016
Distance: 13.3 miles
Cost: Currently $40 if space remains
Registration: Click here to register

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