Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Froodles and Honey Stinger Bars

UntitledCompany: Froodles
Product: Awesomely Apricot, Cherry Bliss, Peach Passion, Wild Raspberry
Price: An assortment of flavors (8 total) for $18.97 (Amazon)

UntitledWe have a commitment to making our fruit-leathery snack: healthy with very minimal amounts of ingredients and just the right amount of goodness. Produced in Grand Junction Colorado, we use the entire fruit when creating Froodles – yes, even the skin (which adds to the beautiful colors).  Sourcing most of our ingredients right from the Colorado Plateau, we puree and mix the ingredients in our facility located near most the farms we source from. Our team worked with top chefs to create a fruit strip like-no-other, and loved by all ages.

Froodles aren’t really much to look at as you pull them out of the package. While you may be initially focused on the mini-pile sticky strips may greet the eyes, a delicious and nutritious treat awaits the mouth.

Each of the four flavors is made from only 4 ingredients – organic fruits, concentrates and extracts. Say goodbye to added sugar and anything artificial. Say hello to a fresh and bursting-with-fruitiness taste. My most recent taste-tester was my 4 year old, who scarfed a whole pack after exclaiming “these are actually really good”. Not a bad endorsement right there.

Speaking of kids, these would be a solid choice to stock up on for when school is out and the kids are craving a sweet snack. However, I have hidden away my own packs, as I have found that they are a perfect treat to toss in a gym bag or as a healthy addition to a lunch box, to give in to your sweet tooth in a healthy and guilt-free way.

Froodles come in 1 ounce packs (80 calories) and 3 ounce packs. You can find them in Natural Grocers in Oregon, or check out the Amazon link above. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


 Honey Stinger

Price: Box of 15 for $25.50 (Amazon)

Honey Stinger Snack Bars are unique bars created with a blend of the finest fruit, nuts, seeds, oats and ancient grains. Created with lower sugar, non GMO ingredients and gluten free ingredients and organic honey. Four distinct bars with different ingredient profiles, textures, and flavors. Organic honey included in each bar. Ideal nutrition for adults and children before or during activity.

Honey Stinger  is offering some new (and fantastic) flavors and products you’ve got to check out.  I had the opportunity to try the snack bars which are “created with a blend of the finest fruits, sees, nuts, oats, and ancient grains.  Created with lower sugar, non GMO ingredients, gluten free ingredients and organic honey.”  These bars are great before activity as a snack or even during activity.

Each bar has a distinct flavor and range from the sweeter profiles (but not overly sweet) such as Cran-Apple and Walnuts, Peanut Butter and Jelly (a perfect blend of peanut and cranberry and strawberry flavors), and Super Fruit and Ancient Grain.  If something a little more savory is on your palate, my absolute favorite is the Nuts, Seeds and Roasted Serrano bar.  As someone with a very touchy gut and issues with “new” foods, this bar had me a little weary… it lists Serrano pepper in the (short) ingredient list, for crying out loud!  No tummy trouble, no regrets and a whole lot of flavor and not “too much” spice.  Offering my (spice loving) husband a small bite (I wanted it all to myself) he felt the flavor profile offered a nutty mix (mostly sunflower) with a slight savory taste.   However, taste and personal preference is just that: personal.  I would, however, recommend these bars to anyone to try.  With an ingredient list that is short, easy to read and straight forward, I was very happy to share them with my kids as well.

You’ve all probably heard of (if not sampled) the classic honey stinger waffle, but now there are three delicious options for folks needing a certified gluten-free option.  I tried two of the three flavors (Organic Maple Waffle and Organic Cinnamon Waffle) and had no idea they were gluten free without the label explaining it.  The texture is similar to the original waffle formula and the flavors are fun and subtle (not overpowering your workout or stomach).  The third flavor, Organic Salted Caramel Waffle, sounds equally delicious and indulgent.

I also tried the  Cherry Lime and Juneberry protein chews, which contain plant-based protein for energy and certified gluten-free ingredients.  Although both flavors are indeed flavorful and yummy, you can enjoy these guilt-free for a little power boost on your next activity as well as providing yourself a great source for calcium and vitamin B2.


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