Recap: Sexton Mountain Elementary’s Run With the Eagle

Participants at the 2016 Run With the Eagle. Photo by Mike Skelly.

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, hundreds of people went to Sexton Mountain Elementary School. Some were there to run, some to walk, and some to volunteer. Two women – Jackie and Anna – were there to raise money for the school’s Parent/Teacher Committee, and they were the energy getting the party started. The party was in fact the Run With the Eagle 5k & Kid’s Fun Run. I was there to volunteer, and was planning on accompanying my 4-year-old daughter for the kid’s fun run.

I’d love to see this race grow: maybe for the 2017 race results will include more than 300 names, and I don’t see any reason why it can’t happen! This is a really fun event – yes, there are hills, but every participant runs the same ones – and it’s easy on the wallet at only $20 for adults and $10 for those under 18. The kid’s fun run (1/2-mile) is free. So next year Run Oregon is going to sponsor ads for the race … and I’m challenging our readers to help fill the roster. If you’d like to be reminded of the race next spring, just fill out the form at the end of this post and I’ll share your email address with the race organizers!

The course for this race is truly an adventure for the hill-lover. Starting out at the school, runners follow SW 155th Ave. to SW Nora Rd. (it’s named SW Beard/Brockman on the other side of Murray), then hop on the Powerline Trail for a little bit. You come back out near the school, run on some more neighborhood streets, but then double back onto the Trail before a quick turn onto school grounds and the finish. Eclectic Edge was there to announce finisher’s names, and they posted results on-site and had their cool print-out receipts where you could see your finish time and pace.

There were about 170 pre-registered and another 30+ signed up on race day between the 5k and the kid’s run; but many of the 5k-ers were young enough (and had the energy) to also run the kid’s run. The 5k run/walk started at 9a, and there were 136 finishers, led by Jeffrey Alberghini of Beaverton, who finished the hilly course in 18:24. After that, it was a series of young runners at the front of the pack. 2nd place winner was 18-year old Brandon Schrock, finishing in 19:09, followed by 16-year-old Conner Graziano. 11 of the first 20 finishers were 18 or younger! In the women’s race, Carolyn Bostic finished first with a time of 22:00; followed by 16-year-old Hannah McLeod at 23:17. Rounding out the top three for the women’s race was 11-year-old Rachel McLeod. A lot of kids in the race either had gone to the school or were still students there, and many other participants were their parents, teachers, and friends. Check out full results for the 2016 Run with the Eagle here.

SunstoneRC volunteers with the Eagle at the 2016 Run With the Eagle at Sexton Mountain Elementary. I’m in the green hat on the left; Captain Hai Nguyen is next to the Eagle holding the bullhorn.

Free ice cream cones and sandwiches, popsicles, and donuts donated by Sesame Donuts were available for participants of both events, as well as healthy oranges, Clif Bar, bananas, and water and Gatorade. I’ve seen less food at a half marathon! It was set up so that participants could grab a snack, go watch finishers come in, grab another snack, swing for a little bit, and cheer in more finishers. Very festive indeed.

The kid’s fun run started at 10:30a, and in between the finish of the 5k and the start of the kid’s run, the playground was buzzing. About 40 kids, plus about 10 parents, lined up for the run which took two loops around the school’s playground “track” to make up a half-mile. My daughter was one of the younger ones, but definitely not the youngest. She wanted to hold hands while we ran, so we did for most of the first loop, but I was quite proud that she only stopped when some other kids were walking and we caught up to them. “Why are we walking?” she asked, and when I told her we didn’t need to, she took off again. A quarter-mile was enough for her, and red-face and out of breath, she happily accepted her medal from co-Race Organizer Jackie. She wore the medal the entire weekend, and must have asked me three times when her next race was. She even had me call “Uncle Joe” (Dudman) so she could tell him about her race.

Overall, this is one of those races that should continue to grow and get better. All proceeds go to the Sexton Mountain PTC, and Sunstone Running Club volunteers staff the entire course so you know you’ll be well supported on the hills. So what do you say … see you next year!?

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