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Guest Post: Running in the USA

Run_Oregon_LogoThis post was written by Jennifer Shriver. Feel free to Submit a Guest Post in the “Contact Us” tab if you are wanting to write a preview or recap your running experiences as well! The views in this post do not necessarily reflect those of Run Oregon. My goal, as the kids get older and more travel is allowed for myself, is to run a race in every state. As I was deciding where to start, being from Colorado, I decided the upper West Coast would be perfect so I could wind my way through the country. That is how I happened upon Run Oregon and it is going to help me plan the start of my journey (hopefully this summer!)

As I was perusing the different races, it occurred to me that I should share the Colorado scene with the Oregon scene. Racing is Denver is amazing (if not more of a challenge with the altitude). But, the one that comes to mind, especially this time of year is the BolderBoulder. It is a Great American race from head to toe.

I’ve been running it for 5 years now (don’t judge, I’ve only been a Coloradan for 10 years now!) and no other race atmosphere comes even close. It is one of the few races I’ve never done for time but just to enjoy the experience.

Through the college town of Boulder, 50,000 racers with another 50,000 spectators line the streets every Memorial Day. The residents stand on the streets with hoses, water balloons and slip and slides. Bands line the course. And the finish into CU stadium with a flyover commencing soon after. The firemen that run in full gear, the Soldiers that run in formation – there truly is no better 10k, if not run all together.

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1 Comment on Guest Post: Running in the USA

  1. Stephanie // May 24, 2016 at 8:08 PM // Reply

    Great goal to have!!! Good luck with your 50 states.

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