Guest Post: Midway through Foot Traffic’s Women’s Academy

A few months ago, we did a giveaway to Foot Traffic Women’s Academy. Our winner was Heidi and we asked her to write a little about why she wanted to participate. She has now worked through some weeks and has provided us with an update:


I have been participating in the Foot Traffic Women’s Academy Training Program since late February in preparation for the Foot Traffic Flat Half on July 4. I have missed a few Saturdays because of other obligations but this program has made me accountable to myself and to my training. I know how many miles I have to do to stay on track!
I have really loved this program because there were Saturdays in the beginning that the weather was lousy and I would not have otherwise ventured out. This group inspires me to get out there!

There is just enough weekly guidance and learning that I glean information, yet don’t feel I am any less of an athlete than the other runners and walkers out there. It is not intimidating at all; The mentors are helpful, knowledgeable and just real people. I think that is what I appreciate the most.
With only 6 weeks to go and being in the midst of a hectic life right now, I don’t know how much more I will or can improve. I will continue to follow the program and do my very best. I know that on July 4, I will be ready. I might not be faster, which was my original goal, but I will be well- supported by this fantastic group of ladies, who have become friends- and we will get it done!
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