Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5


Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

Run Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This initial post about the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

Company: Mizuno

Shoe: Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

Specs (from Mizuno Website): 

  • Full- length Infinity Wave Construction provides maximum cushioning
  • Cushioning through provides smoother landing and transition
  • New U4icX foam in the midsole, combined with a premium sockliner provide increased comfort and an even more responsive ride
  • Redesigned external heel counter for secure fit

Initial Impressions:

One of the newer updated shoes in Mizuno’s line-up is the Wave Prophecy 5 (released on March 5, 2016). Obviously the most common initial impression is the unique visual that the Prophecy provides. It’s Infinity Wave, the cushioning system on the bottom, looks futuristic. It has been around since the early days of the Prophecy line, but has definitely morphed over time.

UntitledThat Infinity Plate seems to get the job done, as my runs have bordered on feeling luxurious, with a snug inside liner and a significant amount of cushion. As someone who is “bigger” side as far as runners go (6’2, 180 lbs), I can say that these seem they will be the longest lasting. While super comfortable, I found them a little stiff a few runs in, but they seemed to break in a little bit more over time.

I am not sure if it is a heavier weight shoe and wearing a new (perhaps wider) shoe, or just some weird new running trait I have picked up recently, but I started clipping the inside of my left heel since I have started using these. I would venture a guess that it may be some sort of combo between all those above, but if you already have issues with doing this, you may experience even more of that.

In addition to being a seeming well-supported shoe for those of us who don’t fit the typical runner’s body frame, they also seem solid for those new to running who want something neutral and cushioned, as well as for those who plan on logging a lot of miles. That cushion and construction does put it pretty high on the weight scale (12.6+ ounces), but that is probably expected in shoes like these which are expected to see lots of ground work.

UntitledAdditionally, while I received these shoes from Mizuno to try out, the price tag is pretty hefty as far as running shoes go.  But with 100+ miles in already and minimal wear, I am thinking it will continue to be a sound investment.



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