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Note: Spenco is giving away $100 in product to one winner a week for making a simple post on social media about their fitness journey, from now until May 31. To enter, use the hashtag #SpencoJourney and post a photo, video or written statement to share your fitness journey and inspire others. Platforms are Twitter (@SpencoMedical), Facebook (facebook.com/SpencoMedical), or Instagram (instagram.com/spencofootwear). Spenco will randomly select one winner from the hashtag posts in June. 

Spenco's Pure Sandal for women features a memory foam footbed.

Have you heard of  Spenco? They're specialists in feet. You've probably heard of 2nd Skin, something amazing that can prevent major blisters. As a matter of fact, they have a full line of medical products to prevent and treat blisters and burns. They also have a footwear division; not for running shoes, but a catalog that includes what may be the most diverse line of high-quality sandals for the hours that you're not running. Spenco sandals (Amazon link) offer men's and women's support sandals for your workday or walkday and cushion sandals for your "off" day or "long" day. I tried out two styles and as a bonus, have a fave Spenco shoe from a co-worker. Their support sandals have a molded footbed, so they provide support in the right places - the arch and the heel. They are made to last, and you won't need to replace them every summer the way you would have to with a lot of flip-flops!

Spenco’s Brooke Sandal

Spenco Women’s Brooke Sandal (currently on sale for $39.99, reg. price is $79.99): I’ve had a pair of these for about two years and they are my “dressy” summer sandal. They’re technically a flip-flop design, but the style and leather works well with work clothes. What I like most about these is that they have a fairly hard footbed, but it’s all support. Sort of like Birkenstock, only when you take these off there isn’t a dirt-imprint of your foot because they aren’t absorbent. I wear these to work and they’re good or the full eight hours, even on days I raise my desk to standing position. (Amazon link)

Spenco Women’s Pure Sandal ($69.99): Talk about comfy shoes for after your run … the Pure Sandal is what you want to wear after a long run, a trail run, or a particularly stinky day at work. They come in black, yellow, and purple (sort of a magenta color); I went with purple, of course. The strap is wide and seamless, with a fabric connector to the footbed that goes between the big toe and “the rest.” The black ones have a black footbed, while the footbed on the other colors is grey; so they can get dirty but I’ve been wearing them for two months and they still look like new. This is Spenco’s first sandal with a memory foam footbed, and it seems like they’ve hit it out of the ballpark for their first try. (Amazon Link)

With the Spenco women’s sandals, I went up a half-size. In my dress shoes I wear a 7.5 or 8 and the size 8 in these fits correctly; I wouldn’t mind them a tiny bit bigger but going up to the size 9 would have been too big. So if you typically wear an 8 or 8.5, you will probably be better off in a 9.

Spenco’s Men’s Siesta Shoe in Canvas

(Review from a co-worker) Spenco Men’s Siesta Canvas Shoe ($79.99): Although I haven’t personally tried out these shoes, I’m working on convincing my husband they’d look okay on his size-13 boats. My co-worker owns these shoes (they also come in a slide) and wears them pretty much every day in our casual environment office. They’ve got a soft and breathable upper and a supportive sole. No need for support insoles with these shoes! (Amazon Link)

My next pair will be the Siesta Shoe … they’re on sale right now for only $39.99! I just placed my order and was pleased to find that they offer free shipping, which is pretty awesome.

Spenco on Amazon.

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