Race Recap: 2016 Bridge to Brews 8k & 10k (Terrapin Events)

Waking up race day, it was overcast, I was groggy from lack of sleep, and feeling a little annoyed with myself at having missed the two packet pick up opportunities the week prior. Nevertheless, I was going to make the most out of the day, and was ready for the Bridge to Brews 8k and 10k event. This is an event I had always had some interest in running as I’ve only heard good things about Terrapin Events, and the idea of the brew festival to follow, was also something I was admittedly looking forward to. This year, I would be running the 8k.

I made my way downtown to Waterfront Park, where the start, finish, and brew festival were to take place. Parking in Portland is usually the bane of my existence but, magically, I found a parking garage just a couple blocks away from all the race festivities that charged a mere $4 on Sunday. Unfortunately, I found out the garage only accepted cash (which I never carry) but as luck would have it, the parking garage guy was incredibly generous and let me through scot-free! Thank you, parking garage guy, if you somehow find yourself reading this blog! Next, I made my way to the line for packet pick up. I had initially dreaded this moment as I knew this was a big event and figured the line would resemble a Disneyland ride line, but luck was on my side again as I only had to wait behind 5 or 6 other race participants.

Could my luck continue with bag check in and restroom use, I wondered to myself. Yep! Bag check-in was super quick and painless. I handed them my race bag and they handed me a number sticker (which matched with a number sticker they placed on my bag). The line to the portable toilets looked daunting, but because there were so many portable toilets available, I waited maybe 5-10 minutes. Just like that, we were down to the wire until the start of the race. I took my place towards the front as I was not wanting to get stuck behind any walkers. The race announcer let us know that he would be sending participants in waves in an attempt to keep everyone more spread out. Eventually he counted us down, and just like that we were off and running.

The race course was excellently marked, and although I didn’t take advantage of any of the water stations, it seemed like there were plenty of opportunities for racers to refuel if necessary. The first mile felt pretty good and was, for the most part, all pretty level terrain. The second mile led us up and across the Fremont Bridge, and although this mile saw the most incline, I found it nice to be distracted by the views of downtown Portland. I felt like the rest of the course went by extremely quick, and this was likely due to most of it being downhill. The last mile led participants up and over the Steel Bridge and directed us towards the finish line. Overall, I loved the course and how well marked it was. As someone who does not reside in Portland, it was fun to cross over the Fremont and Steel Bridges and get to see different views of the beautiful rose city. The only thing I was a little bummed about was having to wait awhile for the Tri-Met Max during mile 4, but even that did not put a damper on such a great day.

The Brew Festival following the race was full of local vendors offering a variety of yummy samples; food, beers, ciders, wine, etc. Each participant over 21 who opted to partake in the brew festival were given a plastic tasting cup and 10 tickets; 1 ticket would get you a 2 oz. tasting,  4 tickets would get you a full cup. I love beer, but I am certainly not a big drinker so even after a couple tastings and one full beer, I was feeling it. I opted to use my last tickets for some tasty non-alcoholic kombucha. The lines began getting longer as the day went on, but luckily I had had my fill of tastings and music and was ready to make my way home. Prior to leaving I checked out the race results, which were printed and laid out on a table. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I found out I had finished 4th for females in the 8k, 10th overall, and had earned a 3rd place age division ribbon. You can bet I will be running this race again next year and recommending it to my friends as well.

Top 3 Male 8k Finishers

Justin McIntyre  26:23

Scott Dewitt  32:49

Zachary Ferracane  33:42

Top 3 Female 8k Finishers

Chelsea Blanchard  31:36

Katie Famous  31:51

Joan Dision 32:09

Full 8k results

Top 3 Male 10k Finishers

Nick Roche 33:28

Duncan Roberts 35:15

Cesar Perez 35:27

Top 3 Female 10k Finishers

Erin Burrows 39:09

Susan Hay 41:00

Krissy Sonniksen 42:28

Full 10k results

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