Apparel review: SofSole Running Select Tab Performance Socks

I love running socks. As a runner, socks are the one item it seems you can never have too many of. So it’s always fun to get a chance to wear test a new pair (or four).

Recently I received some SofSole Running Select Men’s Tab Performance Socks to try out. First off, they look nice: dark gray, with green or orange stripes. They are study and durable, yet reasonably soft.

While I usually prefer slightly taller socks, these low-cut tab style socks are well designed, stay in place, and provide high enough coverage to avoid even the threat of rubbing on the back of your heel or Achilles. The “tab” is large and slightly cushioned, guaranteeing it will stay above the edge of your shoe, and adding to the overall comfort of these socks.

The fabric is stretchy and breathable, with mesh venting along the top of the foot and a structured arch band for support. Like the tab, the rest of the cuff is reinforced and slightly padded for comfort and helps keep the sock in place without being restrictive. The seamless toe adds to the comfort.

One thing to note: My large socks (shoe size 8 to 12.5 – I wear 11) are noticeably looser than most of the other socks in my collection, so I made sure I had them on just right and had any wrinkles smoothed out before I put my shoes on. The colored trim outlining the heel pocket helped me line them up perfectly though, and once they were on and adjusted properly, I had no problems with fit, bunching, or shifting during my run.

At $9.99 for two pair, the SofSole Running Select Tab Performance Socks are a great deal, and they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects. You can check them out at

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