Clothing review: Rabbit men’s running shirt

Recently I got a chance to try out some new running clothes from Santa Barbara, California startup Rabbit. Earlier I reviewed their awesome running shorts, and thanks to some warmer weather and an indoor event, I can finally weigh in on the men’s Rabbit running shirt.

As with the shorts, the fabric is terrific: Soft and light, but still sturdy and functional. The fit is perfect, and the workmanship seems to be of very high quality. I’m a big fan of raglan sleeves, and this shirt is so well tailored and comfortable that you forget you have it on.

While my Rabbit shirt is a conservative gray, the asymmetrical contrasting silver sleeve cuffs add a dash of style. The right sleeve has an unusually wide cuff. I’m not sure if it’s intended as a functional feature to wipe the sweat from your brow, or just continuing the asymmetrical design theme from the Rabbit running shorts, but either way it helps the shirt stand out from the crowd in my running wardrobe.

I can’t emphasize the comfort of this shirt enough. I wore it in an indoor stair climb, with the potential to be soaked in sweat, but I emerged feeling dry and neither overheated nor chilled. The shirt and I were both free of dampness, and during the race itself the shirt stayed out of the way, providing an ideal fit, neither too snug nor flapping loosely.

A simple and highly functional garment, the Rabbit men’s running shirt has only two other details, a small silver Rabbit logo on the chest and a Rabbit tag on the lower hem, with the logo on the outside and the slogan “Born to run free” on the inside.

This shirt, along with the men’s Rabbit running shorts, has earned a spot in my starting lineup of running apparel. You can learn more about Rabbit at their Kickstarter site: